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Sunday, 15 December 2019


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Ayyyee, Gaffer, and when BoJo bankrupts the country and the Northern proles still aren't sated with cash for the jobs they've lost behind the EU paywall, Jezza's successor will be waiting in the rubble to pick up where the 203 full-on Marxists in parliament today left off.

No EU = no Marxist immune system. The 70's virus is back.

Good call 23rd June 2016 and 12th Dec 2019.


Oliver had a way with words. He knew his audience well.

"The stupidity of politicians knows no bounds!" Ordinary people suffer for it too.


Listening to losers' predictions of failure is one of the many pleasures available to the winning side. But it helps if they are at least credible and well-informed. Your baroque attempts to read the tea leaves on this blog put you far outside that category.

I lost the election prediction, granted.

Let's see if what I predicted would happen should Brexit follow through and Blighty be saddled with exclusive control by its own political class again.

Remember, the prereq of my predictions ain't happened yet.


"put the extremists to the sword"? How 'bout pass semi automatics all around and get it over with.

Speakers up (or headphones if your Saturday was anything like mine - my houseguests unaccustomed to Barney's Best)

I have recently learned via the best history book on British History entitled "1066 and all That", that the "Jocks" only entered history once they learn't how to climb The Wall.

Don't be nasty to Jimmy, you'll miss him when he's gone.

And the Paddies, Taffies, Londoners and home counties metros.

We'll throw our scraps over the new wall and into the hinterland when the Country-Bumpkins are feeling a bit peckish - not that much different from now, really.



Recall t'other day your making mention of that Senator Josh Hawley on a whole post dedicating to him?

Enjoy that clip!

Loz, me an yer Da could still go over the wall for our country with our zimmers. I doubt you could with your cushy upbringing.

I am watching from afar (New Zealand) as my my country of birth seems to be regaining its sanity.I take great pleasure in seeing the truly awful left getting a bloody nose and not realising why. As far as Sky News is concerned, Sky News Australia is completely different.Their presenters seem to take no sides and are equally hard on all politicians. New Zealand news is a different matter,no stone is left unturned if they can point a critical finger at Donald Trump.

Doctor Weasel?

Bob perhaps?

Recall my saying as regards Afghanistan "It should have been a purely punitive operation?"

Begin close attention from zero but very close attention at minute seventeen.

Yes, of course, you need to reward all those former Labourites 'ooop north' who finally saw 'the bleedin' obvious', that 'Jezza' Corbyn and his, er, 'comrades' were a bunch of dangerous but dribbling nutters.

You've hit the nail on the head there, Gaffer.

Effectively, BoJo has bribed the northern working class rump with our money. They would have taken the extra offered by Corbyn but for his ambiguous Brexit position and dodgy associations.

But it's a stay of execution only. They'll be back for more, and a savvier hard left leader will have your breakfast, lunch and dinner going up the M1 soon enough.


I did my 3 years, Jimmy, while holding down a full time job at the same time. A "dope on a rope", as some snobby cavalry officer once said to me.

That's 3 years more than those jobsworth northern slobs on the shop floor with their taxpayer funded fake jobs do these days, I'll warrant.

Taught me more about power than anything before or after (D&N excepted, of course). War is, after all, politics by other means.

I know my "cushy" station, Jimmy, somewhere betwixt snob and slob. I also know what that northern rump will do to my class given half a chance and a half decent leader.


Schadenfreude. What I feel as I read the outpourings of sad remainers who have lost again!

Can't stand McDonnell's Marxist political philosophy, but must admire the man for having the courage to blame himself for Labour's failures at the polls. My pal, Tom (a Scot who thinks the SNP is led by Jimmy Krankie's evil twin) believes McDonnell is merely seeking sympathy so he will be elected the new leader of the Labour party, when he will quietly install the Marxist Momentum Movement as the party's shock troops.


I'm not well enough versed in military matters to have an opinion. The argument for staying in Afghanistan is keeping terrorist groups from re-forming. Not to worry, the answer is simple:

I thought Trump's plan was to tell Hilary Clinton that the Afghan leaders have some black on her. Ten days should do it.


By now I'd figured you'd figured out here on D&N when military stuff comes up we're (with some exceptions) unlikely to put on offer that the stuff is a joking matter.

Still if you wish to offer me some scholarly treatise connecting Presidents to the military arts if I don't see the names GHW Bush, JFK, or Eisenhower attached ...

Wouldn't do you any harm though Bob to listen to the interview Cdr Salamander conducts with General Bolger. You reckon it "mere coincidence" that when the subject so recently got mentioned here by David your comment along the lines of 'delusion' and me saying 'people paying attention already knew' - with, follows a link to a book General Bolger wrote - that that interview just 'came outta the blue'?


We cross-posted.

So yes, telling Hillary that would very likely work.


I see nothing funny about the wars OR Trump. I'll try not to take it as a cheap shot to suggest that I do. You asked for a response.

Well Bob frankly I don't see much 'funny' in either also.

I recognize of course individuals respond individually to such matters:

Reckon when all this is over the "authorities" will have added to their DSM another category to "PTSD" - switching out the 'T' that once was reserved for the word 'traumatic' and replacing it with the word 'Trump'?


I don't personally feel traumatized. Having lived through the Nixon and Bill Clinton administrations Trump seems mostly like old news. The media narrative that things have never been worse is bullshit.

Stirling dropping like a stone - so soon already! Ding ding round 2! ...

It's the single market, stupid! She'll never throw the towell in, God bless her, like the golden haired woman who made her, and the green lady in the harbour who made her: "Angels on our shoulders!"

Private Duff, bruised and battered, but still at your service ma'am's!


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