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Friday, 13 December 2019


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Yep, it's a "true blue Blair mark 2" future!

Let's hope they don't pork it up like they did 1945-75 and leave a note in the chancellor's office saying "There's no money left".

I favoured the safety of Thatcher's single market and 4 freedoms rules and regs to keep Westminster on the straight and narrow.

You've voted to set sail in this vessel with the worst seafaring track record of all others since WWII. A show-boat tethered to the safety of a harbour on the west coast of Europe was my preferred option.

But tomorrow belongs to you. Let's see what you can make if it.

(On the basis that 1/3 of the Brit population still voted for a Marxist at the beginning of the 21st century and more would have had the Marxist adopted a Brexit stance, I'll be keeping my bags packed in the cupboard if you don't mind).


Heh, heh! Another one in the eye for the Metropolitan Punditry. For the benefit of our transatlantic friends, may I offer the catchy "Campaign to Re-Elect Donald In Twenty." (CREDIT)

Of course I'd never do such a thing myself Glyn Palmer as 'defacing the currency' is a criminal offense but its come to my attention there are twenty dollar notes (US) circulating with the word "Trump" penciled on the reverse and at the top with two arrows angling toward, on either side pointed toward both of the places where the number "20" appears.

Further it would appear the rascals elicit a preference for using such notes are as payments "for goods and/or services" in known Democratic leaning proprietors' businesses.

I'm not getting it.

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