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Saturday, 14 December 2019


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Even Hezza's thrown in the towel ...

20 years until the issue is raised again, according to him.

About right. Oblivion comes quicker in the modern, globalised world than it did 1945-75. The CONTs will pork it up PDFQ, not least because the opposition will be non-existent for at least a decade. The slime will reinvigorate in the Tories soon enough.

But yes, for now, tomorrow belongs to you.


"God, I love this country."

And the man who doesn't received a good kick in the nuts. Best Christmas present for years.

Good point, Uncle Mort. Ultimately, he lost - badly - because he is a traitor.

Loz, I was very proud of the English and Welsh working class for standing firm and backing up the EU referendum. I must have my maternal English grannies genes. The working class saved democracy.
Some of my fellow Scots will take handouts from who promises the most. The EU is corrupt to the core and we are leaving. Well done Boris.

Contists and comrades, lend me your ears! ...

We destroyed the red wall!

Now we build our own red wall!

(Error, Jezza did lose the election, right? ... Ed)


Some of my fellow Scots will take handouts from who promises the most.

You're not alone, Jimmy, BoJo's gonna make sure a shedload of my fellow English do too - from the above link ...

a vast new Tory constituency will rely on welfare in a way that they never have before.

To understand what just happened in Blighty for D&N's west of the pond readers, we now have a government more left wing than Bernie Sanders and Fauxcahontas on a Lenin-tab acid trip.

Now do you see why I was shitting myself?
The other guy was more left wing than even that.


Here's the graph that speaks no lies ...

The down trend on the left that took Blighty to an actual surplus, would you believe - Margaret Thatcher's legacy through John Major.

In the middle, the incontinent spending splurge that took Blighty to broke in 2008 and left a note saying "There's no money left" - the Blair, Brown era.

On the right, the painstaking, agonizing recovery of Martin, Osborne, May, and Hammond, the neo-Thatcherite pro-single marketeers.

And now over you: What exactly do you think the future looks like?


Cameron, not Martin - bloody auto correct.



You should read up a little more about American political history from non-biased sources. Sanders and Warren would be centrists in Europe. The Tories have always been to the left of the Democrats. I'll repeat again that Marx was never close to real significance here.

You're probably right that it's going to be rough sledding for a while, though. It will take the Brit Rust Belt years before they figure out the Tories aren't really going to give them everything Boris is promising. You are highly skilled and have the option to sit it out in some other corner of the world.

I wonder who will be brandishing the dame note when the CONTs leave office? ...

One can only sigh and wait patiently.


Same, not dame, Jeez, getting autoed bad tonight. The Saturday night beers and Slivovice chasers might not help, mind.


Tory chancellor Reginald Maudling, who bounced down the steps of the Treasury in 1964 to tell Jim Callaghan: “Sorry to leave it in such a mess, old cock.”

Overwhelmingly classier!


Oh brill, that's cheered me up! It's the oldest overdub vid joke in history, I know, but it still makes me laugh on every remake! ...


Loz, memory lane there, Reggie Maudling sent the troops into Derry. The British Embassy was attacked in Dublin and Bernadette Devlin slapped him on the face. And the Vietnam War was still ongoing, Jings Crivens Help ma Boab

The UK electorate have just delivered an enormous kick in the slats to the people who have buggered around for over three years. Will they get the message? Of course not.

Sanders and Warren would be centrists in Europe. The Tories have always been to the left of the Democrats

I'm completely with you on that Bob.

What's interesting is there is no overlap in the US political range and the UK political range today, in the mainstream anyway. Whereas before you might have said the right Libertarian posture of the Tories (Thatcher, Cameron, May) was to the right of Sanders and Warren thereby overlapping. Today Blighty is hard left and left, and the US centrist and right.

That's going to make it tricky for any coalescence around socio-economic worldview as the basis for a US / UK partnership a la Thatcher and Reagan. It didn't stop Bush and Blair rallying together on war of course, but that looks not likely to be repeated again.

So the special relationship is dead as a dodo across the spectrum now, and the west one fragment more in its disintegration.

I think the Gaffer and gang should celebrate their victory by running a red flag up on the banner of D&N, and have Auld Lang Syne or whatever the auto correct says that ruddy song is playing in the background! Here's the
lest we forget - that should have Jimmy blubbing in his morning pint of heavy!


Free market purists may be as disappointed with the world they are waking up to as diehard remainers.

Mmm, and imagine being both, Jeremy.

It seems BoJo must plough a non-aligned Brexit furrow rather than a softer rules and regs aligned one to keep the ERG and Country-Bumpkins on side.

But hard Brexit means more economic damage short term than soft.

While at the same time he's got to fund the northern red rump he's brought on board, whose MP's will be baying for cash from the moment the first begging bowls are shoved under their noses by locals in their slimline majority constituencies.

Investors and the city will be watching the deficit and debt like hawks once the honeymoon period of knowing "Jezz is dead" is over.

BoJo will have to burn through the deficit reductions of his predecessors like an Ozzie wild fire. Might it be quite soon when the city and markets say "No!"

Then BoJo will have to choose to let down the Northern MP's or the ERG; there'll be severe "trouble at mill".

And although BoJo does have a solid majority, parliament and parties do have a taste for rebellion these days. Are there enough in either camp of ERG and slimline majority Northern MP's to clip even an 80 seat majority in parliament depending which way BoJo goes when the chips are (literally) down?

The EU could oblige BoJo down the hard Brexit route, and let the economic damage play on Blighty. It'll be hard for them too, but they're already into the slump cycle, they'll be through it and out the other side before Blighty.

Or it could provoke the ERG by making a softer deal attractive while the short term economics ravages Blighty and the frustration builds again. But that'll take stamina on their part too.

The plot sickens - and so soon!


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