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Tuesday, 31 December 2019


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Take a read of Dom's philosophy ...

I'm ploughing my way through. Way to go yet. Reserve the right to change my opinion as I "cover it off", as my boss likes to say.

He ain't no Thatcherite, that's for sure. A corporate business-speak merchant who, although never having operated the means of production and distribution once on his own with any success (only once, a failure), still thinks he should still be in charge of it because he knows, because he's read Warren Buffet.

His faith is in "High Performance Teams" or some such bizbabble bullshit, and how to template them and implement them into government and the state.

Do you honestly think that if that was possible it wouldn't have been done already? We'd all be celebrating Rocketman, Lenin, whoever that Venezuelan twat is, or one or other of assorted other twats. But we're not.

"I know what to do and how to do it when it comes to operating resources, even though I've never done it before". Is it not indeed what they all say, one way or another? Another predictor, like Marx, Lenin, et Al, with no track record who'll tank and have to go grovelling to the market to save himself, like Lenin and his "New Economic Policy" ...

Lord help us. You'd have thought we'd be over this bullshit of pols running things and appointing people to run things by now.

They ain't no stinkin' CEO's.

Hahaha, like that one.


Thanks, SoD, that ended my brief interlude of cheerfulness! Happy New Year to you, too!

David & Son and more importantly Mrs Duff, best wishes and health for 2020. Aye.

HNY to you Gaffer, Glezza, and the rest of D&N!

xox SoD


A safe and hopefully happy and prosperous 2020 to all on this site.

Ensuring my US CDT comes in on point, Best to All here in this New Year!

You too Bob.


Pay heed

That there's Arkansas' pre-eminent Liberal blog - Bob'd fit right in.

And that'un is what in the Arkansas Hills'd be called "the icing on the cake."

About to get plumb interesting I reckon.

Jimmy, you wrote those coherent good wishes at 00.38 hours! - and you a Scotsman! Anyway, thanks and the same to you and yours.

Thanks, SoD, and the same to you and your lovely bouncing Czech!

Also thanks and good wishes to both AussieD and JK.

'Whiters', your somewhat cryptic message, "/", left me puzzled. Was it an indication of your stance as you started on the third bottle of 'champers' last night? Jes' askin'!

David, nope. I sent a greeting at the stroke of midnight-your time and it never showed up. I repeated 45 minutes later, same result. / was a test to see if anything would go through.

Best wishes to y'all for the new year. You are gentleman and the occasional lady who can disagree without being personally nasty, or can at least usually show an admirable degree of discretion in nastiness. There should be more blogs like this one. Cheers.

Since Cameron was wrong about everything else, he'll probably be wrong about "Little" England too, but it's going to be fascinating to see how things unwind. Likewise 2020 will include much drama over here.

JK, Biden probably won't be the Democratic nominee, if for no other reason than the Great American Public has had enough of self-dealing, amoral reptiles like Hunter, and that will likely cling to Joe deservedly or not. How much privileged-class and authoritarian bullshit the GAP will tolerate in general, and if Putin can keep walking Trump the way people walk dogs, will also be some of the greatest shows on Earth.

Do see here Bob,

Just don't want your "I read several lefty blogs and no one has ever used the term" to remain unnoticed by yourself.

But still Bob don't despair:

You do have a consolation prize you would enthuse in.

David, me the Mrs and faither in law went to a hogmanay concert to see the Royal Scottish National Orchestra and the Glasgow Chamber Choir. I think I have found kultyur!,


Alright, a few black lefties still use "woke" - the exceptions that prove the rule. Buttigieg won't be the nominee either. Not because he's gay, though Americans probably aren't ready to cotton to picturing a "first husband", but because he's an empty suit / management consultant political type. His being ahead in 97% white Iowa don't mean much.

Oh no, Bob, does that mean the Dem candidate will be either 'Fauxcahontas' or 'HillBilly'?

No Singapore-on-Thames to be seen here ...

The list of civil servants Cummings admires is much longer than the list of politicians. They will want to employ people they think competent and expert. In the right job, they could be socialists. As long as they literally deliver trains on time. Or figure out nuclear fusion.

When has a pol ever made the trains run on time (Mussolini's fascist Italy aside - oops what a give-away?) or figured out nuclear fusion?

After 75 years of better men and women than Dominic Cummings failing to repair the broken by design and failed in practice state why would a gobshite with no track record suddenly do it now?

And on the subject of gobshites, who is Rachel wolf? Another person who has never had a proper job - a market job - in her life, never run an operation in a competitive market let alone succeeded, so no Richard Branson, Alan Sugar or Bill Gates then, of course ...

Hooked off her backpacking holiday by BoJo and projected to the top of the state based on her fancy-dancy answers to questions in an interview. Shortcutting a million steps that would have filtered her out in any competitive market environment.

Note the self-preservation and / or cowardice of her stance on education: Yes to parent power, but only if it offers a job for me and my gobshite mates managing and orchestrating it all.

If parent power is the way forward in education - which it is of course - then why not be damned with all the fake state jobs running it all and hand the cash back to parents to go choose from any education system in the globalised education market?

The Leviathan returns. This time fronted by a biztalk babbler and side-kick chancers.

Cummings' blog is like one of those "How to make millions in ten easy steps" type books - you know the author's only money making ploy in his life was writing the book.


SoD, we are only into the second day of the year and already you are splattering us with foul language. Cut it out!


Though her return would be absolutely hilarious, you can sadly rule out 'HillBilly'. 'Fauxcahontas' has adjusted her campaign rhetoric and probably as a result seems to be falling off in fund raising, but she's not out of it yet.

Boris is beginning to look like another practitioner of the reality show school of politics. We'd be glad to loan him Omarose and Meatloaf. (Both appeared on The Apprentice along with many other 'C' list celebrities who might also be available. You might remember Mr. Meatloaf from his cameo in The Rocky Horror Picture Show.)

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