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Tuesday, 31 December 2019


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I keep wondering when ole Vlad will accidently shoot himself in the back of the head several times. What would come next might be an improvement.

A gangster he may be, but he's a cunning one. Being allowed to serve only two terms as President, he manipulates the elections so his "very close friend" Medvedev is elected, and who nominates Vlad to take his place as Prime Minister. After one term in that office, and therefore able to stand as a candidate for President, guess what happens? They swap roles again. Putin is approaching the end of his second term so I can imagine the same thing happening again. As a 'very manly' ex KGB Colonel, Putin has the contacts and power to keep doing this until he gets bored with the whole thing and he and Medvedev retire to their dacha and listen to their collection of Judy Garland records.

A free democracy. I thought you lived in the UK.

"I have enormous pity for the long-suffering Russian people even whilst, at the same time, I blame them for not making their presence more strongly felt."

Errr, you mean by not voting for him in elections at the rate of 70% then?!

Nah, screw the Rooskies. "They made their bed let them sleep in it". "A people get the government they deserve". And all the other ways of saying the same.


Here's a grenade waiting for a pin-puller to spoil Vlad's day ...

Bolton was on it like a car bonnet, and now he's gone, Pompeo also. The Don seems to have half an eye on it then - even if he doesn't want to upset his mate Vlad, he also doesn't want Ping-a-Ling in there troughing his snout either.

Not sure there's much snout-troughing to be had in Belarus, mind. But might be one to watch if the Don and Ping-a-Ling have a trade rapprochement and get back to looking for opportunities elsewhere rather than knocking the scheisse out of each other.


The Don doesn't like spilling foot soldiers' blood, he goes straight for the big shots and wise guys.

What a breath of fresh air. I'm seriously starting to like this guy.

Message for Vlad, calling Vlad, helllooo? ...


... Vlad, come in, over?


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