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Thursday, 12 December 2019


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Duffers you would be most welcome

I think that traditional voting patterns no longer apply, formerly safe seats will be decided by narrow margins, and the result could be anything from a Boris triumph to a hung parliament according to who turns out where.

You and Memsahib would be most welcome!
I may have to ask the same of you some day.

David, good timing this morning.

Our house is being sold, so we must move, on thirty days notice, at Christmas time, no less, but, when we get sorted out in a couple of weeks, we could use some help unpacking, and y'all could have my room, I'll take the sofa. OTOH, if te Communists succeed ion driving The Donald from office, we might need to explore yppur garden shed. Daughter and your wife could luxuriate together in huge pots of tea and the Great British Bake Off. May God help your waist line if they starrt trying out the recipes. Daughter is very talented, and likely the Memsahib is, too.

Nevertheless, I am actually feeling pretty confident, just nowe. Of course, folk in Noah's day thought it was just a heavy shower, for the first couple of weeks.By then it was too late to find any gopher wood.

Greetings, Michael, and I am sorry for your hasty house move. Hope all goes well.

Dear Miss Red, I'm sure we could fit in a slim, little 'filly' like you!

Splitter! Nige not impressed!

Just settling down to watch the fun.


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