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Friday, 13 December 2019


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I thoroughly enjoyed the discomfort of the BBC presenters as the night tore on. I found amusing their focus on Nicola Sturgeon and her weird victory speech. Anyhow, I offer some worthless thoughts over at The Diplomad ( ) on all this, thoughts which you can ridicule and discard at your pleasure.

Congrats to Johnson and England!

I had forgotten Boris' nickname "Dude". He earned it.

Boris for any faults he may have has won a great victory and this is down to the working classes who the establishment called stupid, bigots and racist. And I enjoyed watching that lot pictured above who denied democracy being booted into the dustbin of history. Except for Frank Field who is a decent chap.

Diplomad, I enjoyed reading your article. During the Scottish referendum debate I witnessed outside our Glasgow City Chambers a large group chanting refugees for independence. We have here in Scotland more people living on the streets in my long lifetime. The SNP have been governing Scotland for twelve years but blame the English for their woes. If the English were given a vote for Scottish independence then I reckon there would be independence. The English can only stand so much moaning.

According to this photo, your kooks look like our kooks when they lose?

On one, and one single occasion, I find myself in total agreement with Nicola Sturgeon. Her reaction when she learnt that Jo Swinson had lost her seat was absolutely priceless. I am 100% confident that she had several drams to celebrate. I know I did.

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