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Friday, 31 January 2020


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David, you may be a self confessed borrower of other people’s articles, but I am a world class skinflint. The piece is behind a paywall unfortunately...

Sorry, sorry, Timbo, they're all bloody capitalists at the DT!


AEP, professional cry-wolfer. How many years, or is it decades, has he been predicting the fall of the Euro and the EU?

And if the EU's Cartesian rules and regs are so obstructive to Anglo-Saxon laissez-faire, how come Europe's tech city is in the centre of London at "Silicon Roundabout", and the City of London has the EU's banking in its pocket?

The aim of business is to find the easiest customers first. A Cartesisn continent locked into a single market (Margaret Thatcher's legacy) is the lowest hanging fruit on the planet for Blighty's IT and banking, and manufacturing for that matter.

Who'd want to be selling to a dynamic, dog-eat-dog, laissez-faire continent on the other side of the planet, like India and China, when you could be selling to a Cartesian continent next door where your ethos and practice stands head and shoulders above their sclerosis in the market?

Even the Don don't wanna play on the uneven playing field of China and India. The US has thrown in the towel competing with 996 style economies on a dog-eat-dog, laissez-faire basis. He wants standards, rules and regs, 'elf and safety, to load "fair" cost onto the Chinese and Indians, or else it's tariffs and quotas. He's more Euro-style protectionist than Junck-the-drunk these days!

The only alternative model to cherry picking the 500 million Cartesian customers 21 miles across the channel is the full-on Singapore-on-Thames model.

AEP must be the most naive journo in the history of naive journos if he thinks that the blue socialists are gonna go anywhere near Singapore-on-Thames. And if they won't, and the red socialists and yellow socialists obviously won't, means in combination with no box for Remain there is no box in which to put your X for anything that actually does work!

The only curiosity that AEP has highlighted in that article which intrigues me also is: "What has DomBo promised the Don that he hasn't skinned them alive for birding him on Hauewei and that has made Pompeo so smiley and cuddly-wuddly after his emergency visit to London?"

I sense a trousers-down and bend-over Blighty moment approaching.


Oh, and btw ...

So for the last 2 years and up to and including the election in December, the majority of those polled wished to Remain.

So under Dad's Army's version of democracy, where Westminster is sidelined and it's the majority in a referendum that counts, doing Brexit is undemocratic because the majority of Brits are for Remain.

It was only the Lenin bogeyman who, quite rightly, scared the Brits into voting for a party shackled to Brexit.

At least I have the Goddam common decency to stick by my principle that parliament is democracy, not some "rule by pleb" make-it-up-as-you-go-along tripe. So I accept the election result dictates Blighty does Brexit.

To be consistent and avoid valid criticism of double standards and hypocrisy, you lot should reject parliament's mandate as undemocratic and hold another referendum, because the majority of Brits wish to Remain per the polls up to and including the December election.

Wriggle out of that one.


On Friday, Brexit will pass from the realm of left-wing nightmare to reality.

That is the most deluded statement in the history of deluded statements.

Corbyn's Leninist terror has gifted the left with a no-lose future. The only choice for the peeps at the ballot box from now on in is blue, yellow, or red socialism. And the only right-wing, neo-Libertarian construct that was once on the radar, that of the EU single market, Margaret Thatcher's legacy, is now off the scope.

Anyone of the left, Conts included (Conservative One Nation Tories), should be celebrating the lock-in of socialism that Brexit has brought to Blighty.

Captain Mainwaring and VI Lenin are now in permanent place at No 10, "Like two boots, stamping on a human face - forever".


Dig for victory, eh? ...

I'll bet up to 10 of you a pint that if HS2 goes ahead it will cost £250bn+.

One quarter of a trillion pounds.


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