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Tuesday, 07 January 2020


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DD, there's only one of me. I pretend to be different people so you don't get discouraged.

But.......but.........MY name is Spartacus !!!


David, it would seem your political opponents really have nothing to sell anymore.

If you wander in today, tackle this one:

It is beyond my ability.

"I no longer attract the number of political opponents I used to"

Surely that's a good sign - they have retired to lick their wounds.

What is with some people in Oz? A drought is bad enough.

Uhm ... David?

Been reticent to mention it but reading around I espied an article telling me your NHS doesn't charge you anything and, Christmas this past year, what with my elf staff threatening strike, a number of my reindeer wandering off forcing me to hire a Uber deliverer oh and the rude salesperson s the Porsche dealership Her Ladyship knocked hell out of necessitating my engaging with a solicitor &c

Anyway where's that cheque you said was in the mail!

You're welcome.

Whitewall, I can understand the article you have posted. I was brought up in industrialised Glasgow which is long gone. We had many factions, gangs and nationalities who moved moved to Glasgow during the nineteenth century. We were far removed from the Highland and Lowland Clans (gangs). Honour amongst the gangs who were living in poverty was paramount. Wearing the kilt in those days was only for TV personalities and it is now a major industry. The kilt only became fashionable due to Sir Walter Scott, honest we do not run about in kilts! And David I dinnae want you getting swelt heided but it is a pleasure reading your posts. We are becoming dinosaurs but our bones will be preserved for posterity. And well done Trump for that hit.

"swelt heided", Jimmy? I'm not sure what that means but it sounds either very painful or very pleasurable!

David, swelt heided on the pleasurable side is called a jaggy bunnet in Glesga.

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