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Saturday, 25 January 2020


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They make a pile of money from all those nature programmes and costume dramas. Let's see if they make enough to support the incessant piffle about transsexuals and the "climate emergency", all on the open market.

Break it up, and make it subscription only.

What 'W' said!

What W and W said.

All this stuff about 1917 and the Indian soldiers "shoulder-to-shoulder" with the Brit soldiers in the same trenches, for example. We all know the regiments fought on their own frontage without intermingling, nothing racist, just practical soldiering. French and American soldiers didn't fight "shoulder-to-shoulder" in the same trench section with Brit soldiers either. Utter chaos ensues when units interpenetrate on a battlefield. The only time two regiments would interpenetrate would be for passage of lines - passing through each other. The only time soldiers from one regiment would be found in another regimental trench would be if they were runners or liaison officers.

The BBC is instrumental in woke history re-editing and distorting. Try finding anything on the BBC about the Indian SS Regiment in WW2 for example. Originally a bunch of turncoat prisoners of war from the North African campaign who formed Heer Infantry Regiment 950 in 1941 on a promise of being the vanguard in an assault on British India and subsequent Independence by Adolf when he got round to it. Or the Muslim SS Division Handschar - yes, an entire ruddy division! - as another example.

No siree, you won't be hearing about those two in the woke pages of the BBC media or Blighty's public sector education history curriculum.

Get rid.


Here you go, some pics of those loyal Sikh boys, shoulder-to-shoulder with their CO, errr, Rolf Schackert, Obersturmführer SS! ...


Well, happy to be proved wrong, a minor article back in 2004 ...

3 rapes and the murder of a 2 year old girl. Probably at the lower end of your average SS regiment's atrocity track record, but, well it speaks for itself.


Well done, SoD, excellent research!

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