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Thursday, 02 January 2020


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Right. Scientists actually operate on the principle that they can never really be sure of anything. On the other hand, oil companies, their propagandists, and their lobbyists are totally confident they want to make money selling oil.

The savagely lefty National Geographic has also recently pointed out science's mealy-mouthed dithering:

"Recently, scientists also re-evaluated the maps they’d been using to figure out how global cities will be affected by sea level rise. It turns out that, after correcting the satellite data that shows how high the ground is in many coastal cities worldwide, around 190 million people will live below 2100’s high tide line—about 80 million more than today, and about three times as many as had previously been expected."

Those guys couldn't keep a story straight to save their elitist, expert lives.

"Scientists actually operate on the principle that they can never really be sure of anything."

So that confirms my suspicion that most 'climate scientists' aren't really scientists!

"around 190 million people will live below 2100’s high tide line—about 80 million more than today"

I was wondering how are the 80 million living below the high tide line managing today? Snorkel and goggles? Oh yes, walls, levees and coastal defences.

Took me a while to think what it might be, because that 80 million didn't kick-up an almighty fuss, they just got on with it and built walls, levees and coastal defences. And all that pre- the age of technology. Whacking together a few more walls, levees and coastal defences shouldn't be much of an issue then.

Or just move, FFS. Central Africa would be a booming place if it had an electricity grid, and the weather glorious.


Did you spot my maths faux pas?

It's 80 million more in snorkels and goggles, so 110 million already today then who we hardly hear a peep from, not 80 million as I said, for a grand total of Jacques Cousteaus by the turn of the century.

Yawn. A self-solving low priority issue.


In which the Guardian makes an appearance:

Cracking article, Whiters, as usual!

A rolling barrage of the bs predictions made in the early noughties is just getting going. That should put some serious dents in the green blob over the coming decade.

And it hightlights the essential difference between BoJo's Blighty and the Don's US: -

Cummings will swap out what he sees as arts and humanities socialists for science socialists - a zero sum game or worse.

Science socialists will actually likely be worse because they really think their materialist, mechanist bs is logical and reasoned and will run the country better, like some solved quadratic equation.

Whereas the arts and humanities socialists kinda know their beliefs might all be hocus-pocus but just cling on for the work (they wouldn't get in the market).

With either bunch Blighty is screwed, just harder one way than the other.

But the Don really is draining the swamp of all socialists, science "expert" socialists and arts and humanities douchebags alike.

Even the flippin' Indie has given the Don's results a thumbs-up - now that's remarkable! ...


Loz, the great thing about being British is we can believe or disbelieve so called experts without worrying about our pensions being banked on the appropriate date.

And as if by magic everyone's attention is drawn to Cummings blog just after I ranted it - you might think I had some insider or something?! ...

He said No 10 was keen to recruit data scientists, software developers and economists to improve the performance of government.

Jeez, if there was ever a subset of humanity absolutely guaranteed to over-run every project and then try to bullshit their way out of it it's data scientists, software developers and economists - and I'm speaking as someone who does 2 out of 3 of those jobs for a living!

He also talks about wanting to keep people in place for longer, longer than the 18 months un-written rule for civil service roles. Another crashing clanger!

Why does the gig economy work so well? Why are giggers always called in by businesses to sort out problems and then moved on asap when the job's done? To prevent them putting down roots and building out sclerotic, low productivity empires and power bases - "the payrollers do enough of that already" says the management and out the door go the giggers!

Why did the SAS used to have a 2 or 3 year rule - you only did 2 or 3 years in the SAS and then returned to your regiment? Same reason, to keep the unit fresh and uncorrupted with old boy networks.

And notice Cummings' first action in power: An actual increase in the state, not a decrease. A whole new bunch of hirings of freaks and weirdos to add to the mix of jobsworths and bureaucrats, and no axings. One sees the instinct in the man and his direction!

A long, slow, agonizing decline and fall, just like the 1945-75 epoch, is underway in Blighty. The golden haired one to save us is not yet born, and we'll all be pushing up the daisies long before she wields the sword.


Nice one, Wiggers, gave me a chuckle!


I can't excuse my own bad writing. Scientists operate on the principle that they can never completely understand a phenomenon and that data are always open to review and correction. Oil propagandists have taken advantage to say, "see, they don't all agree!" and "the story changes all the time!". The playing field is uneven from a PR point of view. It's also uneven regarding truth and public understanding.

Privatise the BBC? Why not privatise the armed forces? ...

If Cummings thinks the civil service needs a shake-up he ain't seen nothing like the UK armed forces.

What would a dream-world metro with no track record of operating an institution in a competitive environment make of this? ...

"The other problem is that it can become a breeding ground for bad egos. And if your face didn't fit your life was hell."

Increase the amount of time a civil servant stays in a job? In other words, the exact opposite of what is required to thwart institutionalised inefficiency, low productivity, empire building, failure, and tyranny.


It's a lost cause now ...

There's not a pol in Blighty can give us a "New Model Army", there's no Ollie Cromwell on the radar. Just a pair of zero track-record metro-bullshitters in the top jobs.

Hand the whole shooting match over to Uncle Sam and pay the US treasury 2% of GDP, I say (rather similar to my stance on you know what).


I'm not quite sure, SoD, in your privatised military world how you would choose, er, 'winners and losers'? Have a civil war, perhaps?

Wargames - with me as the umpire on £100k per annum for my vast military knowledge garnered from deep in the, errr, depths of my armchair!

Seriously, the Colonel plus RSM combo for battalion sized units, and Major plus CSM for company sized units, is the material of the army, for example.

Leadership units, Brigade HQ's, should make the btn / coy units compete in wargames and then bid to pay for them on the basis of their performance.

Then the Brigade leadership units should compete in wargames in front of me plus a panel of expert allies (independent) for their funding which the Brigadiers use to pay their battalion and company units (see previous para) i.e. their "sales" revenue (plus any investments input by the city).

By George and all the Saints I'd have some fun doing that!

Plus we'd be in Moscow by next Xmas with all the military excellence and quality it would generate.

A gig economy of soldiers!

Guess who you won't hear a peep of novel, weirdo, maverick ideas like that from ref the military? Dominic bloody Cummings.

Hence just hand it over to the yanks.

We did the same with the car industry after the British Leyland eternal fiasco of the 1945-75 epoch, and now Blighty produces more cars with better quality, and has more jobs better paid, than ever before.

And then there's you know what, where Mrs T outsourced her legacy and gave us 45 years of prosperity and freedom the like of which we'd never experienced before.

With globalisation, modern "Nationalism" is merely a net in which you bag the best fish in the world.

Or you die.


Ref the car industry, it was mainly the Japs not the Yanks we outsourced to of course, to be clear.

Ref the armed forces it doesn't matter who so long as they're on side. Israel would be a good option to keep the Yanks honest too, for example..

1.5% GDP to the US and 0.5% to Israel, and see how we go, defo have the Rooskies speaking English before the end of the decade.


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