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Thursday, 30 January 2020


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Happy Brexit day dear old Duff. I for one look forward to my next visit over the pond, if only to have some nice 6X and some fish and chips as God and Poseidon intended.

Do keep an eye on Charles though, methinks he has gone way past the deep end and may be a danger to himself and others.

As to Harry and the wayward lass, no worries, Canada will soon eject them and they will end up in Hollywood where Harry can get the lead in remakes of buccaneer movies a la Erroll Flynn.

Yours sincerely,

Completely off topic but the TV news down here [ a matter I need to take up at some time ]showed Nigel Farage's exit speech from the EU Gummint and the subsequent waving of the Union flag [see note]. Only proved that the EU types have no sense of humour.

Note. It is only a Union Jack when flown from the Jack Staff on the bow of one of HM's ships of war.

AussieD, I saw Nigel and enjoyed his speech.

The homo lobby, for such a tiny percentage of people, have immense financial backing. That kind of clout can prevent any untidy truths from seeing the light of day. Their agenda is deliberately destructive. Hence their leftist tendency.

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