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Tuesday, 14 January 2020


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Google was mucking us about yesterday as well! I just shut the whole lot down,and it was OK after a restart!

Outlook won't tell you that there's only a 2GB limit on incoming mail, and it gets into a hump and a huge sulk when that happens. There is a way to retrieve everything, but I'm afraid I've lost the link, as well as loads of emails from about ten years ago! They're in there somewhere, but as they were all work-related, I don't really care much now

Thanks, Michael, I tried closing down and re-opening but no change. It demands that I enter a different e-mail address but I only have one! I'm waiting - and waiting! - for my computer manager (aka: SoD) to respond to my distress calls!

David, I just assumed you were no longer accepting emails from this side of the Pond?

Whiters, have you tried e-mailing me?

Why yes, yes I have. Numerous times.

Sorry, Whiters, but I can't make head nor tail of it and SoD is still on the missing list! Just to add to the joy, we are suffering truly gale force winds the like of which I cannot remember before so I can't even ask my local computer shop to send someone over. Oh well, just have to leave it until tomorrow!


When you got the game, there should have been an email with a code and a link. The code looks something like this - 7024-0858-7925-4856. Obviously, the four groups of numbers will be completely different for you. Click on the link. You need to do it soon, because links like this are usually active for a limited period of time - say two weeks. When you click on it, the game installer will download into your downloads file. When that is sorted out, relax and wait for Lawrence. Better still, forward him this email.

Lawrence, when you have got the game installed, it should have put a shortcut on David's desktop. When you click on that, the game menu comes up. Click on the update button to install the latest patch. When the game is run for the first time, it will ask you for the code. Copy and paste it into the relevant box, and the game will run. At some stage it will ask you to register the game. It will ask you (David) for a user name and password. When you get that sorted out, David will have access to the Matrix/Slitherine game forums, plus his own page which will include a record of the game and his code. If something bad happens, such as his hard drive exploding, provided he has backed up his user name and password elsewhere, he will be able to re-download and install the game without any problems.

Back to you, David... I now reside in Chipping Norton. I am currently doing gardening for a living, which keeps me fit!. In my spare time, I am developing a Russian language educational program on the Great Patriotic War, which is a mandatory part of the Russian school and university syllabus. This is where that game - plus others - has come in. I am also having regular Russian language lessons with Alexey via Skype, and I am making good progress. Talk to you anon,


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Good to see you Richard.

Enjoy a pint on ... well David and Lawrence are closer so they'll be so kind.

I would myself but all I could possibly buy 'by the drink' comes in gallons (or barrels) and I wouldn't, being as we's friends an' all, dare put you back on the road to ... Wha's that 'Chipping Dale'?


Anyway Richard .. Good to see your name back on the boards round here.

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