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Saturday, 18 January 2020


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The health of a nation can be measured in the well being of its Jewish population. Their exodus-pun intended-should be a "canary in the coal mine" for any government.

Spot on, Whiters!

The French have a history of religious fanaticism. They slaughtered the Hugeanots and expelled tens of thousands. We can thank the Frogs for Nigel Farage. However the present day French elite and EU are more comfortable with Islamists who have been killing the French, Belgiums and Germans on a regular basis. Strange lot the French. Leaving the EU is timely for the British as we can control our borders.

Europe and America were sane and enlightened places to the extent that their populations cared about the well-being of Jews. Mass immigration of Muslims who are hostile to Jews is a sign that people have ceased to care. Thank goodness Corbyn was given a good kicking in the election. It shows that decency still prevails.

Probably not all that long if the "hairies" keep flooding the place. A central tenet of their belief system is the elimination of my co-religionists.

Where to go? The UK if you don't want to go far. Israel if you are happy to contribute to its survival. Oz has a thriving and well integrated Jewish community. Arguably our greatest General, John Monash, was Jewish, one Governor General, Sir Isaac Isaacs, and our current Federal Treasurer.

Not sure about Canada and the US especially Canada with its boy PM and recent court results involving extreme actions by "hairies".

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