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Friday, 03 January 2020


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Thanks for the link, David. If it turns out the universe can be described as a relationship between "nads", which is slang we Yanks use for "gonads", possibly Freud was right and everything has to do with sex.

I doubt, Bob, that Freud was right about anything very much!

Smolin is on to something. It cannot be merely coincidence the universe resembles a never-ending clusterf**k.

Gaffer, you are the irrepressible time waster of my life - THANK YOU!!!

That gets SoD's "Link of the Millennium" award thus far, only 80 years to go to on the podium!

So much to say it would be more than all the words I've ever written in D&N comments boxes (Oh noooooo! ... Ed).

My quick takes ...

Jim Holt's "When Einstein Walked with Godel" by the title alone sounds like a no brainer for me. Need to research it a bit but if it throws the bridge between the conceptual discoveries of Godel and the perceptual discoveries of Einstein in some proposed coherent way, or even incoherent will do, it will be a gem. Subject to research it'll be on its way from Amazon to thee and I in due course.

"Gribben's 6" is the most beautifully concise distillation of "Bob's clusterfk", aka the world as we now "know" it, I have ever seen! What a corker!

Interesting that "relationality" is growing as as "glue view" of the world to somehow bind the materialists / mechanists with the conceptualists. Seems a bit old hat, I was taught relationality back in Bristol days it was about the only thing I paid attention to because it was easy! Mind you, still managed to make a career out of it in "the land of the blind where the one IT'd man is king"! Would be remarkable if that old roll your sleeves up view of the world turned out to be the one ring to bind them all. I'm sure Holt's book might have something to say about that.

And the author slotted in Stoppard into the bargain! Wow, gold on the podium is yours - for now!


"the land of the blind where the one IT'd man is king"!

SoD, I hereby forgive all y our frequent bad language! That line is a corker!

Goodness, Duffers, I had just published a post of my own not half an hour ago about the weirdness of QM, and then realized I hadn't dropped by your place in a couple of days.... and: lo and behold! (I actually had written the thing yesterday, just as you seem to have been writing yours. I think that the boffins would call that "phase entanglement" or something.)

That looks like an excellent essay, and I will give it a careful read. Thank you!

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