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Tuesday, 21 January 2020


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The tide might be turning! The best thing about his QT performance was how it revealed the weakness of the standard woke position. Baroness Chakrabarti had a face like a slapped arse, but no cogent response.

Fox has been doing a bang up job playing Lord Palmerston so far in the "Victoria" series. He seems perfect for the part. This new anti-woke part suits him as well. Normal people have had enough of "woke" nonsense.

Guess Fox won’t be back on QT any time soon.

Three "W"s in a row? David, that must be a sign?

It means that he is at the bottom of the barrel, sorry alphabet, for his comments :)

No. Fox for President! We should steal him from you along with Ricky "Big Balls" Gervais. We will swap you for Meghan . . . never mind . . .

The Pakistani Muslim rape gangs scandal is the big one that needs elevating to its rightful position at the centre of the public's mind's eye ...

Will BoJo have the balls to out that one to the max and restore equality under the law to Blighty? To put the rule of law before cultural privilege? To prosecute the so called "public servants" who aided and abetted the mass rape of white girls in 27 towns and cities across Blighty (so far), surely the most extensive co-ordinated act of racism in living memory?


SoD, let's hope so. Big elections should mean big corrections. People must pay dearly and the cultural attitude that allowed this must pay as well.

You know as well as I do SoD. Nothing much will happen.


Noticed a newsreader on one of our sites t'other day:

While I figure what BOE is sayin' likelier there's just the slimmest your (well I probably ought not say your) most recent vote might make the difference.

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