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Wednesday, 15 January 2020


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David, I wonder what Shakespeare would have done in your situation?

Well, Whiters, if he was in my grump mood he would have stabbed himself with his quill pen!!!

I don't know how this happened, David, but we were only chatting yesterday about your Outlook issues, and just today, Mrs O'Blene's PC has totally packed up and joined the scrap-heap of the vanities!

I spy gremlins, especially as quite a few seem to work for our servers (servers - PAH!), and annoy me to the point of distraction.

So join the club, for that is what it is, a loose arrangement of desperate individuals, clinging to a keyboard!

Well, Scrobs, tell the missus that those infernal machines can be cured - I'm back up again thanks to my local 'whizzy-do' operators!

Channelling Morecambe and Wise, "Which buttons and in what order?"

No idea, Scrobs, but if was me I usually end up slamming the flat of my hand down on the keyboard in a fury before switching the damned thing off!

Here's you another of those 'aging sequence vids' David

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