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Wednesday, 29 January 2020


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On this side of the hemisphere, she is like a weeping sore that never scabs over and heals. Its a has been actress/musician desperately trying to stay relevant and adored, while trying to salvage whatever monetary gains she can from what she was supposed to be.

I am sixty nine years old. I will NOT spend four hours of what time I have left on this planet watching a doc about that woman.

Gentlemen, you are very harsh! Just think what she has sacrificed on your behalf! There's, er, well ... and of course there is also, um ... and not forgetting ... dammit, I've forgotten!

As much as I love you, dear Duffers, I am not going to watch this. I have been living with it since 1992. I just wish she would shut up and go away. Preferrably the way of many of her betrayers.
That may be rather harsh, dear Missred, you say. Well, dear Duffers, I loathe her intensely and completely, and I have no respect for those that idolise her.

Take four hours you say? No, I have big plans to take a large laxative in stead. Works out to about the same in the end.

The Clintons aren't the worst of America's embarrassments, but they're in the top 10. Are you trying to rub it in John Bull?

OK, dear Miss Red, I take it you're not into masochism!

The Trump impeachment is full of good rock-and-roll though isn't it? ...

"But, he [Dershowitz] argued, a lawful act “does not become unlawful or impeachable if done with a mixed motive of both promoting the public interest and helping his RE-election.”

One of the many things to admire about the Don is his way of bringing ball-breaking tough cases like that one to the fore! I'm not sure if he does it for the entertainment or to trap and massacre the Dems on a battlefield of his choosing? Maybe, like the statement above, a bit of both!?

Gawd luv us, what would he do with Godel's Loophole if it ever comes across his radar?!


Just seen the Don has succeeded in persuading the Senators not to bother with more witnesses. He should be acquitted shortly.

By God, that man does war honour.

And then he'll be free to finish off Ping-a-Ling and square up to DomBo.

We'll finally get to see what DomBo is really made of when they have to actually do something, and in this first case, with the Don himself.

Should be a barrel of laughs.


The Don's pulling a double-Nelson or some such wrestler's grip in the ME ...

The Arabs get protection from Iran that has proved its destructive capability against them in Yemen and directly against Saudi Arabia. Makes one wonder if the reason the Don left off responding immediately to Iran's attacks was to demonstrate to the Hairies of the Sunni persuasion just how destructive the Hairies of the Shia persuasion would be to them if the US wasn't around.

In exchange, the Arabs let go their embrace of Palestine and hand it to the Israelis. They've got form ditching allegiance to their Muslim cause, look at the Muslims in that province in Ping-a-Ling's gaff he keeps scuffing up. One cent of Chinese cash and the Arabs are like "Oh yeah, do what you like to them if you keep the cash rolling".

So far half the Arab states are on board, per the above article. Not bad for first corner out of the traps.

By God, that man does war honour.

But the Don's gonna need another stint in office to put this and his other deals to bed.

MAGA 2: the Sequel.

Go do, that voodoo, that you do, so weeeeeelllll America!


The Don is a genius compared to a manchild who just wants to play with a train set.

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