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Saturday, 18 January 2020


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The piece is behind the paywall but the thrust of it seems all too common. Trump is not the first to "wantonly destroy" any of these symbols. Woodrow Wilson, arguably the worst President since the dawn of the 20th century until Obama, is where the onslaught began. Trump is merely the 'corrective' after eight years of Obama's outrages and a preventive against a Clinton adm. continuance of the same.

A lot of people are put off by his style- fair enough- but too bad. Obama had style coming out his pores, but his style was exceeded by his simmering guile. Trump is exposing the rotten under belly of the Administrative State that resents interference from mere elected people who think differently.

Above all, Trump is winning and he has never held public office. Correct first then restore. If the cancer that is official DC is not cut out, there will be nothing left but The State as a law unto itself guided by nothing but lust for power.

A stout defence, Sir, well done!

What part of the constitution, or indeed the declaration is Trump supposed to have ignored? He is the commander in chief, and it is his job to order the military about. He is head of the executive branch, and likewise obliged to give them orders. If they don't like his orders, they are free to resign. They were not elected!
I am unsure what is meant by using the attorney general as his personal lawyer. I'd like to see justification for that charge. Perhaps she thinks it wrong for illegal acts to be investigated when they might affect people she likes?
You can be pretty sure that he is the cleanest President ever, since after three years investigation the best the opposition can bring up is that he asked for an enquiry into corruption that if proven may implicate someone they like.

Get a free screen grabber (SoD will explain). You will then be able to grab and paste anything you want from The Telegraph or anywhere else you fancy.

Hmm, last time I did a "grabber" I got my face slapped.

Thanks, Sam, although I dread the hectoring lectures I will receive from SoD - 'I told you to press X not Y!

First of all, it is the General Accounting Office, not the Governmental Accountability Office, and unlike most other government agencies, which are part of the Executive Branch, they are a creature of Congress, half of which is under the control, for now, of the Communists, or, what do they call themselves? Ah, yes, they are "the Democrats. So they will say the darndest things. They are, however, not honest brokers but political hacks.They are a mouthpiece for those wretched would-be tyrants. What they say means nothing and adds nothing to the discussion.

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