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Wednesday, 22 January 2020


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I'm wondering the same thing but it depends what happens in Virginia imo. If they off a few people like they did Leroy Fincum then there may be a few hot heads who will retaliate and it will escalate from there.

One to watch.

We are in a "Cold Civil War" over here according to the thinkers and writers who think and right for a living. Order and chaos are hard at it. The America of the Founding vs anything but the American Founding.

This "impeachment" fandango is a mindless hate driven power grab by a "Democratic" party that has lost its belief in America and its people and traditions. How far into bold faced sedition they are willing to go will be the dividing line between political opponent or just plain out bad people.

About Virginia and the Second Amendment; the march and assembly came off peacefully as it was always going to do. The Va. Democrat party and main stream media were hardest hit.

Some time ago (years?) Malcolm "introduced" me to the John Batchelor Show specifically to an ongoing conversation that takes place on Tuesday evenings between Mr. Batchelor and this swot Professor Michael Vlahos of Johns-Hopkins. The subject the two have carried on since at least Trump's election hewing right along to the question you pose David.

I think the considered response is 'yes, America's in a civil war' cold as Whitewall's put it for now and it will remain so for the most part in states and regions resembling such as where I live but not so cold in the urban areas generally and even less so on the coasts.

Read this David:

Friend of Malcolm's, fellow name of Bill Vallecella brought it to my attention. Oregon note, is on America's Left Coast.

JK's City Journal link tells half the story very well. For the other half you can read the dreaded NYT:

And no, there's not going to be anything on the scale of the Civil War, in which over 600,000 people died. That's just hyperbole.

For once, Bob, I really do hope and pray you are right!

David, the equivalent percentage of deaths in the current population would be over 6 million. The far right has been talking armed revolution over here since the 1990's.

On the subject of death, it's a sad memento mori that Terry Jones of Monty Python has passed. He'll live on in video along with the Marx Brothers, WC Fields, Laurel and Hardy, etc.

Bob's most likely correct where scale is concerned - inner urban conflict zones are even now illustrative.

Re Virginia's recent "civil disruption emergency declaration" by its governor:

Do note Bob as Whitewall's put it above 'cold civil war' and I echo so long as what we've got now remains the norm the only places where the balkanization will be apparent will be in the urban areas. So mass casualties locales will be extremely geographically limited. Probably the best way to describe the advice I'd give to avoiding civil risk would be the same as what I give to those quivering at the overblown fear of terrorism - stay away from places where there's a local tv station.


Extreme partisanship is more accurate than cold civil war.


Works the same whichever way it's spelled.

Bob, JK, I think it has crossed beyond just extreme partisanship between elected pols. The "free press" is deeply involved on behalf of one side as are the top rungs of the Obama DoJ and FBI...possibly the State Dept as well. Major institutions of our government are and have been in on this plot and conspiracy dedicated to bringing down Trump. We now know. We will learn more soon.

For what it's worth Whitewall I tend toward your characterization - still as I put it in my first comment - well not exactly but for my local purposes it's the same - the Ds and the Rs get along fine (owing some to perhaps, the Ds 'round here own at least as many (probably more guns than the Rs; definitely more than us Independents).

F'instance in most of my local elections the more experienced office candidates (note I qualify by not referring to 'em as 'pols' so whether Bob would argue 'that's not partisan like I [Bob] mean it' I got stuff needing tending to and don't want him set off)

But anyway the more experienced are Ds. That's likely to change I reckon as my generation dies off. Likelier maybe, an increasing number of youngers drop party affiliations altogether.

Now if I was to be down in Little Rock or over in the extreme NW or, God hep me, in the Delta I'd probably go with typing partisan.

Well reviewing my first comment I note Bob and I cross-posted David, Bob claims "The far right has been talking armed revolution over here since the 1990's."

Which is probably so. What he fails to elucidate is the Left has been talking armed revolution since the 1960s.

And so far as 'casualties inflicted' goes, the Left has been far and away the more determined. As well, some might point out that Austrian borned fellow did get hisself running on the Socialists ticket. And it further may be worth considering that when the Bureau let out that report [2014?] the lefties found so objectionable that they successfully demanded it be retracted, the Bureau had included the more recent incarnation interchangeably with Antifa.

Blue and Red have, at this point, wholly incommensurable belief and value systems. They disagree fundamentally and axiomatically about human nature, morality, sexuality, the role of government, respect for family, heritage and tradition, and our duty as stewards of the American nation and culture. As I wrote here back in October:

As the historian Michael Vlahos has been explaining to John Batchelor these past months: you don’t know, except in hindsight, when civil wars have begun. (It strikes me as being much the same as falling into a black hole: once you’ve passed the event horizon, all possible pathways lead through the singularity — even though, to the person falling in, there’s nothing noticeable about the event horizon itself.)

To put that another way: looking at the current chasm in American politics, the fundamentally incompatible visions of America the two sides hold, the degree of dehumanizing hatred they show for each other, the bloody damage already done, and the implacable fury with which they grapple for every atom of power, can any of you imagine some way forward in which the Right and Left just "bury the hatchet" and "hug it out"?

Of course not. This fight continues, and intensifies, until either one side is destroyed, or we work out some kind of divorce.

I don't see any sign of either side giving in or walking away, and there isn't anything like enough commonality left to restore any kind of comity. It goes without saying that this civil war -- which in hindsight we may, in future, understand already to have gotten underway by now -- won't look like the last two American civil wars, with regular armies deployed in military array. It will more likely proceed on a far more granular scale, with constant low-grade violence and disorder, and the occasional regional secession, as the horizontal ligatures that have bound the Republic together all these years gradually break down. Perhaps there will be some geographical sorting as Red folks leave the great Blue urban islands.

I honestly can't see, at this point, how things will get better before they get much worse. (Can any of you?) And I really don't see how America as presently constituted continues for much longer.

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