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Thursday, 23 January 2020


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Would Monty Python even be allowed to be created in Britain today? If not, there is your enemy.


As each one goes a little bit of me goes too.

In my AI work I'm coming across a language called "Python" more and more, the naming provenance of which I always assumed was some geek's fascination with the scaley, slippery critter. But no, it turns out it was some geek's fascination with Monty Python ...

So now I start every day with a smile, even a sad one.


Whitewall the Life of Brian was banned from Glasgow Cinemas. Glasgow was ruled by Labour in those days. The council was nicknamed the Wee Vatican.

Here, Here, David (or is it hear, hear)...

Considering the unfunny, feeble, 'political' dross which passes for BBC 'humour' these days, The Python crew were always going to be streets ahead, and as you say, wouldn't be allowed on the screen these days.

I suppose they just caught the tail-end of the revolution which extended the term 'satire', and just made it all incredibly funny.

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