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Friday, 31 January 2020


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If you read a timeline of English history dealing with Jews, one king invites them in for banking purposes, another kicks them out because he owes too much money to them, repeat until after Edward I, when they remain expelled for a long time.

The English expel the Jews in order to default on their loans. The French just killed off a whole military order in order to not pay theirs (that whole silly Templar thingy, all about owing money to the Bank (of Templars) and killing the bankers (the Templars) in order not to pay the bill.

Bull's eye, Beans!

Here we go Gaffer, so one step at a time then ...

Debt in Blighty is just shy of 2 trillion quid today.

We have three shades of spendthrifts as the only boxes in which to mark our X: blue, yellow and red.

Given history's propensity to repeat itself, as Beans points out.

So what happens next in Blighty then?

Clue: If any part of your pensions or investments is invested in British government debt right now, you might want to take a look at that.

Oh, wait a minute, given the title of this post the Gaffer might be in need of some help on this one?! Someone? Anyone?


My idea your investment and ownership classes would have an overwhelming interest in stopping Brexit was backwards. The hedge fund managers backing Boris were evidence there were opportunities in letting it go ahead. There will likely be many more gravy trains like HS2 in your future. At least for a while.

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