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Saturday, 25 January 2020


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The contradiction that niggles me is the current doctrine that no civil servant should stay in a role for longer than a certain amount of time, short too, 2 years is it? That strikes me as a really good idea to stop empire building and old boy network bureaucracy. The civil service does this already but the DomBo pair seem to want to end it in favour of longevity in civil service roles. That's something guaranteed to nurture sclerosis and corruption, not obstruct it.

Why not get rid the lot and give us back the wedge in a voucher to go buy whatever the civil service was failing to provide instead?


The "civil service" or administrative state is always a vexing problem. The quaint notion of a new government having the right to institute that which got them elected seems to be lost on so many of these countless worms. They think they govern by the status quo ante.

Sherelle sure knows some good words!

25th January and not a single mention of the great day or the great man. Have you no Scottish blood? Lang may yer lum reek, btw!

Is there for honest Poverty
That hings his head, an’ a’ that;
The coward-slave, we pass him by,
We dare be poor for a’ that!
For a’ that, an’ a’ that.
Our toils obscure an’ a’ that,
The rank is but the guinea’s stamp,
The Man’s the gowd for a’ that.

What though on hamely fare we dine,
Wear hoddin grey, an’ a that;
Gie fools their silks, and knaves their wine;
A Man’s a Man for a’ that:
For a’ that, and a’ that,
Their tinsel show, an’ a’ that;
The honest man, tho’ e’er sae poor,
Is king o’ men for a’ that.

Ye see yon birkie ca’d a lord,
Wha struts, an’ stares, an’ a’ that,
Tho’ hundreds worship at his word,
He’s but a coof for a’ that.
For a’ that, an’ a’ that,
His ribband, star, an’ a’ that,
The man o’ independent mind,
He looks an’ laughs at a’ that.

A Prince can mak a belted knight,
A marquis, duke, an’ a’ that!
But an honest man’s aboon his might –
Guid faith, he mauna fa’ that!
For a’ that, an’ a’ that,
Their dignities, an’ a’ that,
The pith o’ Sense an’ pride o’ Worth
Are higher rank than a’ that.

Then let us pray that come it may,
As come it will for a’ that,
That Sense and Worth, o’er a’ the earth
Shall bear the gree an’ a’ that.
For a’ that, an’ a’ that,
It’s comin yet for a’ that,
That Man to Man the warld o’er
Shall brithers be for a’ that."

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