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Sunday, 12 January 2020


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Labour struggled mightily to suppress "militant tendency" back in the 80s. Momentum is much larger and more deeply entrenched, and none of the visible Labour members are at all representative of the working man. Labour is toast!
For decades now Labour have gained votes by not being Tory and vice versa, the two parties needed each other for support.
Once the Labour party has faded into history we won't get a one party state, rather the Tories will split (or desert to another party).
I am always amused by those who think we need Labour to be the opposition whilst profoundly disagreeing with all it stands for. Presumably they will be the ones to form a new opposition once Labour's demise is undeniable.

Should his pictures be removed from the world’s galleries?

Too bloody right they should. They are bloody ugly.

When Harry met Meghan, my wife said "Harry, run!" She is a user and as we say here in the South, trash. He will tire of the celebrity life and its mile wide inch deep substance. Home will beckon him in time.

I'm glad it is now exactly mid way between breakfast and lunch!

Pete Buttigieg is annoying to a lot of people, and he probably won't be around long. What he wants to put in his orifices is his own business, but his obviously calculated "centrist" politics and lack of experience make him an empty suit.

I agree with Bob!!

None of the present Labour wannabee leaders will inspire the voter. They all ignored the referendum result and are hoping last week, month and years since 2016 are forgotten. Besides that none of them have any charisma at all.

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