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Sunday, 19 January 2020


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The reviewer of The White Post writes under heading eight that: "Chef-patron Brett Sutton – a seven-time finalist in the Roux Scholarship competition – is a natural host, and during this visit (and previous) I have seen strangers leave as firm friends, often with a cheeky nickname."

David, did you get such a nickname today?

"Meghan's mini-career prospects will gradually wither along with her relationship with Harry"

And at about the same speed as her looks, I dare say.

For claiming not to care about H&M, you've devoted a lot of space to them, David. Supposedly they're independently wealthy, so it's fairly sure their lives won't be veils of tears. I'm just glad I can change the channel or otherwise skip over any mention of them.

Could that first photo also be called 'Steptoe and Wife'?

I still don't care about these people. I must be on a different planet and I think it's better there.

Whyaxye. Your comment is likely to be proven right. But we must wait but not too long as time is passing and the bones are creaking.

If you want to know how life will turn out for the Bearded Rupert - Google Edward VIII!

Indeed, BOE, I made a similar allusion when this business first arose.

Pinched your pix, mate.

Liked them tremendously, and the saying springs to mind: "So true!"

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