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Sunday, 26 January 2020


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Our version of the BBC is NPR-PBS and is similarly afflicted. It's funding is public/private. There is more than enough private funding available for their content but their head is in the public trough not because it has to be but because certain people don't like it therefore it must stay there.

The Telegraph link goes to an article about switching energy suppliers. Not a "Heffalump" in sight.

American Thinker has it right about NR and conservative voters. We are sick to death of genteel 'conservatives' who mince about DC in word and deed seeming to want to win but not if it upsets the established order. That means liberals,Democrats, MSM and lefty think tanks set the tone and proper ideas for the general good. We reject that.

We bedrock conservatives know that liberalism is a rotting disease and the liberals that are advancing these ideas are not opponents anymore but enemies politically. A man has finally come on the scene who knows this and knows how to street fight at close quarters. It has taken very little counter punching to reveal the egg shell veneer that has covered the libs for so many years. Now exposed they are lashing out in all directions thus revealing what we on the Right have always known about them.

Talk about good timing! The headline of the article is NRs suicide.

It's comforting to know The American Thinker hasn't changed its standards for opinion writing. Their childish name calling is still as effective as it's always been, as is their apparent inability to tell the difference between a conservative and a populist.

What are you on about Bob?

As I recall there was some chatter about Harry and the stable-boy or some such. I don't think they'll miss him and the missus.

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