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Saturday, 11 January 2020


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David, your timing and topic choice approaches miraculous!

It will be difficult to remove the mad mullahs in Iran or elsewhere as the have brainwashed generations of Iranians with religion and hatred of the West.

I hope the Iranian pols don't fall too quickly over this.

I really would like to see R9X just do one of 'em, preferably on live TV, right in front of our eyes while spouting some bunch of porkies to the world!

Like the big foot that comes down with a raspberry at the end of the opening sequence of Monty Python with Liberty Bell playing in the background ...

Sixtheding needs its 15 minutes of fame!


I wonder if the Iranians have finally dialled down the bellicose rhetoric because they now realise how truly shite their military are...

The Iranians seem contrite about the civilian airliner, but it's doubtful they're done with strikes against the West.

By the way, David, you'll have to reconsider your rating of "immaculate". At the same time Soleimani was killed, Abdul Reza Shahlai dodged a bullet in Yemen, which was apparently part of the same operation:

Firstly, why does that idiot Trump kill his enemies when they attack his country? Why can't he be like the sophisticated Iranians and just shoot down some neutral airliner?
More seriously, I seriously doubt that the Iranians couldn't tell an outgoing airliner on a regular flight path with a transponder in operation from an incoming hostile. The more so since a simple call from air traffic control would have identified the target. There was someone in that flight that Iran did not want to leave.

Further point, it seems that the long running pretence that Iran is doing nothing and all the mayhem is being caused by independent groups has come to an end. Now and henceforth Iran will be held accountable for the actions of its protoges.
And Lindsay Graham's tweet to the effect that more of this shit might see it out of the oil business could well be pertinent.

Pat, good points and yet another reason for us to hope that Trump will be prepared to ensure that Iran never, EVER, builds a nuclear device.

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