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Saturday, 29 February 2020


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You might like Michael Connolly too.

Trying to guess who the "real villain" is in a Le Carre book is like trying to explain celestial navigation to a wombat.

Wot, no rumbles?

I'm baaAAAck!

Thanks to y'all who've expressed concerns. Physically speaking I've been under no hazard well - except perhaps for a little daft dash back in when my local fire department failed to meet my expectations leaving me to think I was left to my own devices which, pretty much, turned out to be the case. The respiratory therapist might perhaps disagree.

I'll email you further David as I understand from Malcolm you've been especially despondent over not having me around to brighten your comment threads. I've just got back online and so my texting him about forty-seven hours and fifty-nine odd minutes ago I promised I'd be getting in touch with you "within 48 hours" looked dicey I figured a bog comment'd be quicker so as you can see ...

By George and all the Saints, I'm sat down in Dorzet with the Gaffer and I just said "Any news from JK?" and we both hit the refresh button at the same time and heeeeerrrrreeeee's JK!

Good to hear your digital voice again JK!


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