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Tuesday, 04 February 2020


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David, videos are out there. Google 'Super Bowl' half time show. It was a trashy spectacle that no doubt caused thousands of young girls to ask "mommy, what is a stripper pole"?

Ms. Wolf is right. Shapely bodies, seductive clothing, and talent are not empowering in the least. Next year's Superbowl halftime will feature plus size models in dingy coveralls yodeling.

The good sister is right once again and Bob has hit on something here.

David, I had a kind of a slight movement around the crutch area. Does this mean I am still alive?

Beauty is powerful. William Shakespeare had a line for it, "Divine perfection of a woman". If that ain't power I don't know what is. And right down at the individual level too, not some collective mirage. In the times we live in, keep a hold of any of that you can, I say. I'm sure that's why the political ladies of this world despise it so much, it defies collectivisation, manipulation and control. Keep it coming, free women of the world, you're in control and Glezza's stiffler isn't.


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