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Friday, 21 February 2020


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At least America has 2 guys who actually succeeded in competitive markets and rose to the top to choose from. Trump turned 1m bucks into 3.5bn. I wish my effing pension fund manager was that good.

Blighty had a Marxist student protester with 2 E-grades at A-level who never had a proper job in his life, and an Oxbridge antiquities tit whose only proper job in his life was as a hack (which he almost never did coz he was too busy getting his leg over during business hours according to everyone who worked with him).

Which state will fare best over the next couple of decades do you think?


It may be that Bloomberg's main goal is to deny Sanders the nomination even if it takes a brokered convention in Milwaukee. Trouble will arise. Bernie's voters are devoted but ole Bern can be bought off.

Well Gawrsh, SoD, ya really had me goin' there for a second. That's that world famous Brit sense of humor at work, ain't it? Haw, Haw, Haw.

Get the laughs in while you can Bob, from your perspective you've got another 4 years of the Don coming up to wipe the smile off your fizzog.

Make America Great Again Already Always!



Funny meme:

Laugh while you can, SoD. It's no more likely Briton's status in the world is going to improve than that you're going to build a fleet of wooden ships to retake it.

Brrrrrexit! Bwaaaaa ha ha haaaaaaaa!

Btw, I assume you were trying to troll me, but if you actually think you've described Trump's financial history, you're not even wrong.

Bloomberg is too short. No good will come of it.

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