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Thursday, 20 February 2020


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I don't think so.

Ask HRC how well that worked out.

I wouldn't be surprised if Bloomberg managed to buy the nomination.
But if so I can't see him getting any support from the Bernie supporters, or even Warren supporters in the general. In fact a few of them will likely hold their noses and vote for the other guy.
Of course it's not a done deal that he gets the nomination. He's given his opponents a head start already.

It's always a joy to be reminded of the Brit attitude towards Americans as uncultured. We have some stereotypes about Brits too, and I'll have to admit they're mostly true. Enough said.

The theory behind Bloomberg's run is that he'll draw votes from the great political "center". Problem is, there's evidence the center has declined to less than significant numbers.

Right now every Democrat candidate is explaining how he/she can best put a stop to our booming economy. That's worse than trying to draw to an inside straight.

Actually, the coronaviris might beat the Democrats to it. We're learning a new lesson about global supply chains:

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