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Thursday, 20 February 2020


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The authoritarian technocrat Bloomberg was embarrassed by a dementia candidate, a fake Indian, a Commie and a Red Diaper baby homosexual. Quite a night for a half billion dollars spent.

The difference between Bloomberg and Trump is that Trump has a genius for marketing. The 'fake Indian' made Bloomberg look like Custer at Little Big Horn. He'll have to spend another $300,000,000 to stay in the running. Welcome to the circus days of American capitalism.

For any Brit who might care about the reference:

Bob, Custer at Little Bighorn...mind if I steal that?

Not at all, Whitewall.

Thanks America for making me feel less depressed by the principle of comparative advantage.

Perhaps we could do a single market together and share the Love?


You'd also have to share with Canada, Mexico, China and the EU, SoD.

Bloomberg did a decent job as mayor of Gotham. Now in the interest of pc he is backpedaling and apologizing for his law and order initiatives. Calls into question his (Groucho style) principles. Weak and wishywashy.

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