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Tuesday, 11 February 2020


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David, if you ever saw the Batman series from way back, when he was needed people would shine a bat sign in the night sky with a flood light. I have used a jug of "hooch" instead and we shall see.

JK had a fire in his house, is temporarily displaced, and doesn't have computer access at the moment. He is fine but offlune.


Jeez, that's awful, wish him well if you're in touch somehow while he's offline.


Thanks for the info, Malcolm, and as 'SoD' says, if you can wish him well from everyone here at D&N.

He's like a bad penny .... will turn up when you lease expect it.

Sad to hear about the fire, but trust that he is well. I think offlune was a good description - in an endearing sort of way.

He's probably set fire to one of his dingle-dangles again.

"I will transmit this information to Vladimir."

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