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Thursday, 27 February 2020


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We have already given the peoples of Europe an object lesson in how not to leave the EU. Fingers crossed by year's end we will also have shown them how it can be done.
This would be valuable information for any wishing to follow our example.
And having an independent European power with which to ally should also ease their path.
The rest is up to them.

The EU rich man's club is in no mood to compromise as it is their possible death. The EU doing a deal with the UK means anyone can do a deal, end of EU.

Equally, many of the individual nation-states of the EU absolutely do not want trade links with Britain destroyed.

They're all delighted to have an excuse to throw up protectionist barriers against "Singapore-on-Thames" too, you silly sausage. Especially the nationalist, populist, (Br)exit (replace Br as appropriate) movements in those countries. The tariff take from Blighty's exports to those countries is a welcome boon to their government coffers also.

As I've said many a time and oft': nationalists, populists and (Br)exit movements don't do what they do for free trade and movement of labour and capital.

Brussels is accurately representing the will of their people in going protectionist at the EU border with the rest of world while single market internally.

It's a political system and stance that will weather the coming storms.

Blighty's confused muddle of "levelling up", which is of course the antithesis of a single market internally, plus blue, yellow and red socialist DNA in the body politic leading only to retaliatory and up-the-ante protectionism at the external border, is a recipe for utter life changing disaster.

"Singapore-on-Thames" was the only model sustainable for Blighty outside the EU. It doesn't look like it's on the cards, we're heading to Armageddon.


"Brussels is accurately representing the will of their people".

We have little idea of what normal people in the EU countries think of us and our exit. We know, of course, what their rulers think.

WW3? I thought we were up to our eyeballs in war with Iran? Different theater I guess.

And we know, BOE, the overlords do not heed the rabble.

BOE, the EU citizens elect their rulers and their rulers sit in the executive and legislative bodies appointing unelected officials to do their bidding, just like Westminster.

Whether or not that represents "the will of the people" yes or no it would be the same for Westminster as for Brussels or Prague.

And the very fact that Brexit is happening shows the lie to the EU being more than a treaty and some kind of undemocratic sovereignty threat.

Missred, the overlords seem to be heeding the rabble quite admirably just now, quite a turnaround I'd say. We shall be finding out if the Gaffer's new habit of dropping the suffix "- dread words!" from the end of his beloved phrase "The will of the people" was a good move or nay in due course.


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