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Friday, 14 February 2020


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To "drain the swamp" requires someone who will stand up and say publicly what the swamp is, who and what its worst elements are, why they are a threat to individual freedom as well as their status as unelected people who govern with no mandate. Draining a swamp can't be done nicely.

Cummings' dislike of the schlerotic bureaucracy that squats over Whitehall is entirely justified but it is crucial that efforts to 'drain the swamp' do not leave us dwelling in a desert!

Wtf are you talking about?


I do realise, SoD, that you are an 'all or nothing man' but you should try to understand that whilst our civil service has myriad faults, it also serves some essential services so Cummings needs to have a care!

Cummings isn't going to drain the swamp one inch. He's going to fill it with his own slurry. In his own words, "weirdos and misfits", just what we need to add to the filth already in there.

And BoJo's going to spend a fortune on Northern bribes which will all come with a swamp of their own civil service and public sector bureaucracy.

Which planet are you on today?


It is custom and practice for a PM to choose the Cabinet. I observe on the media that it is the pro remain so called media who are after Cummings.

A single photon of light in that Rishi Sunak the new chancellor opened his first cabinet meeting by saying, "The answer is: you all need to cut spending by 5%. Now what was the question?"

Good man, but like that's gonna last.

What I'm down on my knees praying for is that he cancels the new IR35 contractor legislation currently scheduled to go live in the new tax year in 6 weeks time.

All my clients have told me they won't be putting any more work through contractors with limited companies after April. I have to go on their payroll or be terminated.

And then the tax man has said if I swap to the payroll on any of my current contracts it proves I was working like an employee not a true contractor even though I have no other options, and I owe them 5 years of PAYE and NI or see you in court.

The blue socialists have quite literally expropriated my business and livelihood.
Unless Rishi can come up with the goods the entire flexible, go getter, gig economy will be vapourized in one hit.

I really don't think you old farts and fartesses have the faintest effing idea what you've done and what's coming.

An economic apocalypse is approaching Blighty with no exit doors. All courtesy you.


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