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Saturday, 01 February 2020


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Smart man! Tell her happy birthday for me.

Duffers, that has also been my experience (the bit about not being able to do enough).

Ah bread and dripping - that really is fine dining. Anyway - happy birthday Memsahib.

Thank you, Gentlemen, I shall pass on your birthday greetings. As for bread and dripping, I am trying to think when was the last time I ever tried it!

One of the family grandads lived in Wokingham and whenever we visited we had to take Yorkshire dripping with us as Wokingham's so posh no butcher sells it!

My very best birthday wishes to the memsahib. She deserves to be treated royally.... a wonderful woman who has put up with you for so many years. Amazing!

I just looked over the Clockspire web site. Very impressive!

Happy birthday Mrs Duffers

Happy birthday to the Mrs.

Thank you again, ladies and gentlemen, for your good wishes to the 'Memsahib' which I have passed on.

Jannie, yes indeed, I know Wokingham well because I used to live in Ascot/Sunninghill just down the road. Yes, it is very 'posh' but it has become even posher since I left for 'zunny Zummerzet'!!

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