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Thursday, 20 February 2020


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I once ate something in a Norwegian restaurant called "cured deer". Apparently they buried the critter for at least 6 months, dug it up, sliced it, and put it on a plate. Then there's lutfisk. It probably shows what a severe lack of light and warmth can do to a people.

Worms and crickets make for a lot of protein. I enjoyed Norwegian breakfasts: pickled herring in sauce, cheeses and meats and bread. Coffee was always good. I especially enjoyed the coastal town of Arendal.

One of the quality control tests on flour is called the filth test. This measures the number of rat hairs and insect fragments present in the material and is indicative of the general cleanliness and good housekeeping of the mill and downstream handling.

Imagine making buns with approved flour and then adding an insect or worm filling.

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