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Tuesday, 18 February 2020


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Well, I wouldn't take much notice of anybody called Ambrose-Evans Pritchard for a start.

Well, Andra, as my old mate, Bill put it:

"What’s in a name? that which we call a rose

By any other name would smell as sweet;"

A E P adopts the belief that subsidising windfarms, solar panels etc. will make us rich. If so no subsidy is required and tax should be considered.
Until this minor issue is resolved I will take his advice with salt.

If the phrase "to cry 'wolf!'" ever needed an updating then "doing an Ambrose" would be just fine.

Plus I'm normally interested in economics and not bored by it. But that article surpasses even my boredom threshold.


Here's what you need to know ...

An economic apocalypse is coming for Blighty.


And here's another pundit dumber than AEP: -

Sherelle "Wordy-Durdy" Jacobs. Full of curly-wurly bullcrap sentences which vomit forth while simultaneously suckling Dominic Cummings' balls.

Look love, Dominic Cummings has never run so much as an effing whelk-stall. The only thing he tried to run was some cranky airline in Russia. He lost out to the KGB. Yes, the dumb-ass Rooskie security thugs - like the ones who left a trail of Polonium and Novichok across London and Wiltshire while they tried to be James Bonds - those dumb-asses out-foxed Dominic Cummings and his cranky Rooskie airline project.

The public doesn't "get" Dominic Cummings because he hasn't done anything yet - thank God. All he has done is spout a load of regurgitated half-baked Warren Buffett bollocks, which they are rightly suspicious of and starting to get worried about. Even Shezza herself in the nano second she engages brain wonders wtf he's on about ...

Granted, the intricacies are a little puzzling – from Whitehall modelling itself on NASA to nauseating phraseology like “high performance teams”. But many voters suspect Mr Cummings is onto something. They feel in their bones that Britain – perhaps the West at large – is suffering deep systems failure and must be radically rewired.

Sure, the system is broken. It's broken by design. It doesn't need rewiring, it needs chucking in the bin. Because the world isn't broken that it needs a pol system to fix it. The broken thing that fks up the world is the pol system itself.

That is gradually dawning on the Brit peeps. Or at least, let's hope it is.


David Cameron once called Cummings a "career psychopath". Seems there's a lot of that going around.

And the dumb-and-dumber games goes on ...

Fraser Nelson and his magic money tree for increasing the wages of care home workers. Choke off the supply of care home workers and watch the wages rise, he exclaims with glee. And who pays those wages Fraser? And if there's no more supply the wages go up but no more bums get wiped, no more food gets spoon fed, no more pills get gobbled down.

As I've just found out instead, Social Services tells me that an auntie who's in later stage Lewy Body dementia now has to pay for her nursing fees herself. Even though last year and the year before she was assessed as in need and those fees were paid by the NHS.

No worries for rich bloke Fraser, of course. His folks will be in a private care home, and he can afford a fee increase. The rest of us can just watch as our elderly relatives rot.

So in less than week the state has asked me for more tax and at the same time ceased serving an elderly vulnerable relative with the nursing care her tax and NI and mine were supposed to have afforded.

Welcome to Brexit Britain. And it's going to get much worse.


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