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Thursday, 06 February 2020


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For an amateur, though, David, you have to admit he's doing oddly well. As you say: the country's suddenly in much better shape (aside from that pesky "cold civil war" we're enjoying), the professional politicians all round can't seem to lay a glove on him, and his popularity keeps rising.

It all seems awfully good for "beginner's luck". Maybe he's actually better at playing this game than you think!

This plot against Trump began in the Obama adm and was done by weaponizing federal agencies against him before and after the election. This would never have been known if Felonia von Pantsuit had won. There's payback to be done to those who did it. This can't be the new normal. Cold civil wars can get hot fast.

This was not pols vs pols but agencies of government vs one pol to overthrow him.

What freaks the other politicians truly out is that Trump is not acting like a politician.

Well... duh. He's a businessman who lies and obfuscates much less than any politician. And he's also very smart, very driven and very patriotic.

And wasn't it the previous administration that got away with saying, "We won, get over it!"?

So it's not okay for Trump to victory lap and troll his opponents but it was okay for the previous admin to lie, cheat, steal, harass, harry, investigate and just act like spoiled children?


I, personally, was laughing and enjoyed the spectacle.

And am enjoying a president who actually is keeping his campaign promises, who is trying to improve the USA and who isn't getting rich off the backs of taxpayers, unlike the last two democratic presidents.

Hear, hear Beans.

And on the subject of "quid pro quo", which is the essence of business deal-making and business folks' ethos, in contrast to the pol folks like the Dems for whom it is anathema and plain wrong, apparently, here's maybe another example ...

Remember I was wondering why the Don hadn't skinned BoJo alive for middle fingering him on Hauewei? Well according to that link he did, but importantly, not publicly. So still, why not?!

The clue might be in the penultimate paragraph. "You give us the diplomat bitch who killed one of our boys, and we'll give you Hauewei". Some good ol' perfidious Albion "quid pro quo", maybe!?

But notice the Don's reaction: A hot under the collar telephone call yes, but also a grudging acknowledgement of what is a "quid pro quo" deal.

As BoJo said, "What's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander", and the Don is totally ok with that because he's spent a lifetime in business doing just that.

One wonders how much better and productive the world of politics would be if it were staffed with business folks, able, by their very nature and experience, to put together multifaceted deals, instead of the mono, linear, "I can't cope with anything more than one at a time or my brain hurts" type folks, like dems and labourites.

I've said once and oft that pols are weird and psychopathic: Who, with absolutely no track record of running so much as a whelkstall in a competitive market let alone having risen to the top and become a super-CEO like Branson, Sugar, Gates, or the Don, would be bonkers enough to say, "But nevertheless, I should still be in charge?"

Viva deal making! Viva deal makers! Quid pro quo rocks - even if it takes out your political oppos with corruption investigations but is at the same time in the public interest - that's my interest, btw!

It is no wonder really that the parties of business, Reps and Tories, do so much better economically and politically for their states.


The clue might be in the penultimate paragraph. "You give us the diplomat bitch who killed one of our boys, and we'll give you Hauewei". Some good ol' perfidious Albion "quid pro quo", maybe!?

What's that all about SoD. Googling this was not my friend.

Anne Sacoolas.


Here's the last two but one paras from the DT article ...

Washington has threatened to retaliate with tariffs on the British car industry, if the Government goes ahead with a planned tax on tech companies such as Google and Facebook.

The UK is also pressing for the extradition of the wife of an American intelligence official charged with causing the death of 19-year-old motorcyclist Harry Dunn.

Why'd the DT mention those in an article about Hauewei?

Coz we live in a Quid Pro Quo world, or we die.


One of his best, and considering the unprecedented assault on him and his family he has been rather restrained, I hope and expect more.

So 'The Donald' does have a fan club - 'HOONOO'? Anyway, let me remind those of you whom I upset with my critique of his hour-long monologue that also I did write this:

"The fact is that so far, much to everyone's surprise, his has been a successful Presidency. The country is, by and large, in good shape and if there are tensions building beneath the surface then the fault lies with the agitating Left, not with him."

Even so and notwithstanding, his hour long 'mumble-rumble' was too long, too incoherent, too repetitive and too childish for the Leader of the Free World!

Get someone to write your speeches, Donald, and stop embarrassing yourself!

All these SOTU speeches are snore fests. Try not watching them and get the highlights from sites that do.

I watched this one all the way through hoping, just hoping, that there would be something controversial said but no such luck.

It's good the Don's plate is clear now.

A couple of rounds of golf this weekend and then he can get back to giving Rocketman, Ping-a-Ling, the Mad Mullahs, Assad and Vlad, the Hairies, the Euros, and last but not least, DomBo, the good solid arse rogering they're all deserved of and, indeed, are begging for.


Something's gone seriously wrong.
These days I repeatedly find myself agreeing with SOD!

You have to agree with SOD or he will impeach you.

Watch them on the telly. Whenever Trump speaks in front of professional Republicans they display obvious signs of terror and cringing submissiveness. That's exactly what the rank and file love about Trump. He's forcing the elites to share their grievances. If he has a reason for speaking the way he does besides natural temperament, that's it.

He who hates President Donald Trump, (Whom may God save!)hates me. Felonia von Pantsuit called us the Deplorables. It's good to be hated by the hateful.

From over the waves, we see a grocer fined for selling cheese by the pound. We see Muslim grooming gangs getting away with rape and probably murder and the "government " lackeys are more concerned with protecting the perps than the little girls. If BoJo can't straighten it all out, how about Katie Hopkins for PM, or President? Y'all decide.

I've been busy with Saturday morning chores, and listening to British patriotic music. Hey! You lot, yes you, the Land of Hope and Glory, we learned all this freedom stuff and dignity of the common man from y'all. We just hope you haven't forgotten what you taught us.

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