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Friday, 21 February 2020


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Suddenly the EU bucket has a hole in it?

At least the Irish PM was honest about it; he stated quite openly that he wouldn't accept any budget settlement which made Ireland net contributor.


They're arguing over a fraction of 1% of GDP. As a comparison, the NHS is 7.2% of GDP. So a fraction of 1% is hardly a hole in the bucket. More like a bit of condensation on the outside if the EU economy even grows by only a trace amount, and if not then at worst a mere dribble from a pinhole.

They'll sort it and move on in due course.

On the other hand, £106bn for HS2? 5% of UK GDP.

Gawd 'elp us.


Made me laugh this week, the dastardly authoritarian Hun, supreme euro-target of Brexiteer and country-bumpkin hatred, build another four lignite coal power stations thereby middle-fingering Greta and the climate alarmism mafia right in their faces - hoorah!

Meanwhile, that bastion of Magna Carta, Common Law, Liberty, "a man's home is his castle", flexes its fresh new "take back control" muscles by kicking in your front door, stamping out your log and coal home fires as they cozily fizz and pop on your hearths, and cart you off to Greta's Gulag.

You couldn't make it up.


Notice how £106bn has crept up a tad since I last commented about HS2 - it was £84bn then? The media honeymoon period given gratis to new governments needs to come to an end quickly lest DomBo destroys Blighty before we even get to hear about how they did it. Funny how none of you took me up on my wager that HS2 would cost north of £250bn. Penny starting to drop about "take back control" is it? Hahaha eh Bob?

And into the bargain it looks like Kier, the main contractor for HS2 and constructor of "smart motorways", is about to go bust ...

At least the EU has a "frugal four". Blighty seems to be the only place in the West with something else beginning with f.


Having set in motion a colossal cock and bollocks on the railways, Blighty's brick dumb pols seem fixated on finishing off the motorways as well.

We now discover that "smart motorways" and electric cars, both pol inspired, together are a perfect storm. Stranded vehicles on "smart motorways" are killing people in droves, we know about that already. Dumb-arses. But secondly, electric cars stop dead when they break down, they don't coast like fossil fuel vehicles, and they can't be towed away because the wheels don't turn ...

Edmund King, the AA president, said: "You can't flat tow some electric vehicles more than 800 metres, some you can't flat tow at all. So the problem is they will take longer to get off the motorways."

Baroness Vere responded: "When I first heard this, I was absolutely astonished. Quite frankly, this is applicable not just to smart motorways but to every single road."

The pols just put the most dangerous vehicle characteristics possible for a "smart motorway" on the most dangerous type of motorway - "smart motorways". Quite literally doubling up on death and destruction. And all they can say is "They're astonished".

Take back control, eh?

This all hurts me as much as it does you. No, really, it does.


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