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Monday, 10 February 2020


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Hopefully, Boris is thinking of imposing eye-watering tariffs on Irish lorries travelling through our green and pleasant land to trade with their EU friends. Get them by the balls, as a wise man once said....

David, Boris has a sense of humour that is why he was elected. The Scottish First Minister was in Brussels today grovelling to the EU about future EU membership and has now admitted there could be border controls between England and Scotland. Whyaxye Could be right about tariffs and the Chanel Tunnel is in Folkestone.


Could be he is trying to strengthen the ties of Northern Ireland to the rest of the UK. Things like an easy road often do more than Grand Pollical gestures.

I wonder how long before Sinn Fein stars calling for Ire-exit? Ireland is no more a good Lander than England. I think a hard Brexit settlement will hurt Ireland more than either the UK or the rest of the EU.

I hope they don't bring out their old skills to do it.

Boris should not be allowed anywhere near a vanity project with a bridge in it. Once he took a hand the expenses for the “London Garden Bridge” ballooned to some £50 million but ahem! No part of its construction was ever completed!

The Bridge is a wind up. The ferry services are fine when the weather is fine.

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