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Friday, 14 February 2020


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Business finally has what it wants more than anything-certainty.

Is the EU just too good for its own good? ...

The only place in the world where everyone gets heard, including the enemies of the EU.

I hope the EU stands by its guns and doesn't sink to the base court of her authoritarianism enemies. Like Thatcherism I'd rather she dies honourably on the field of glory true to Liberty than corrupts to stay her execution.

Because that's the truth of it: nature abhors Liberty. She flutters in, does some magic, the executive roars, and pouf - gone! She's just a memory.

As Chaucer put it, beautifully beyond measure ...

Love will not be constrained by mastery;
When mastery 'comes, the god of love anon
Beats his fair wings, and farewell! He is gone!


Here's the ruddy lot, not that it will do you any good ...

For one thing, sirs, I safely dare to say,
That friends each one the other must obey
If they'd be friends and long keep company.
Love will not be constrained by mastery;
When mastery 'comes, the god of love anon
Beats his fair wings, and farewell! He is gone!
Love is a thing as any spirit free;
Women by nature love their liberty,
And not to be constrained like any thrall,
And so do men, if say the truth I shall.
Observe who is most patient in his love,
He is advantaged others all above.
Patience is virtue high, and that's certain;
For it does vanquish, as these clerks make plain,
Things that oppression never could attain.
One must not chide for trifles nor complain.
Learn to endure, or else, so may I go,
You'll have to learn it, whether you will or no.
For in this world, it's certain, no one is
Who never does or says sometimes amiss.
Sickness, or woe, or what the stars have sent,
Anger, or wine, or change of temperament
Causes one oft to do amiss or speak.
For every wrong one may not vengeance wreak;
Conditions must determine temperance
In all who understand good governance.
And therefore did this wise and worthy knight,
To live in quiet, patience to her plight,
And unto him full truly did she swear
That never should he find great fault in her.
Heere may men seen an humble wys accord!
Thus hath she take hir servant and hir lord,
Servant in love, and lord in mariage;
Thanne was he bothe in lordship and servage-
Servage? Nay, but in lordshipe above,
Sith he hath bothe his lady and his love-
His lady, certes, and his wyf also,
The which that lawe of love acordeth to.
And whan he was in this prosperitee,
Hoom with his wyf he gooth to his contree,
Nat fer fro Pedmark, ther his dwellyng was,
Where as he lyveth in blisse and in solas.
Here may men see an humble wise accord;
Thus did she take her servant and her lord,
Servant in love and lord in their marriage;
So was he both in lordship and bondage;
In bondage? Nay, but in lordship above,
Since he had both his lady and his love;
His lady truly, and his wife also,
To which the law of love accords, we know.
And when he was in this prosperity,
Home with his wife he went to his country,
Not far from Penmarch, where his dwelling was.
And there he lived in bliss and all solace.


While we're poetic, someone really should write an ode to wall cavities. For those who made it ...

... And those who didn't.


Meanwhile, back on topic, who's talking about Remainers changing colours? ...

"Not the Brexit I voted for"

Quote of the century? Poem?


There was a daft cretin called Col,
Who voted for Brexit - daft pol!
He stood at the gate,
And the wait made him late,
Saying, "F@@k this for a Brexit rigmarole!"

I know, don't give up my day job. Oh did you forget already? I already did thanks to you.


Sometimes when you're on a roll it is good to know where the stop sign is. You might be a block past it.

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