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Sunday, 02 February 2020


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It takes a complete low life to steal a document like that. Especially the Magna Carta.

I'm surprised that a copy of the Magna Carts should be so poorly protected that we would need American tourists to stop it being stolen. Do they just leave it lying around on the pews like a hymn book?

Diplomad has an excellent article on Brexit and the EU attitude:

Peter Hitchens left out some important details:

"After smashing the display case, he was pursued by “good-spirited” members of the public, including a pair of American tourists, cathedral staff and stone masons, who detained him in a works yard outside."

Only about 1/3 of Americans can name the three branches of their own government, and I can assure you far fewer know what the Magna Carta is. However, nearly all Americans do recognize a smash and grab.

Did Magna Carta mean nothing to him? Did she die in vain?

"Did she die in vain?" Eh? What? Explain yourself, Sir!

A Tony Hancock classic -

Oh my goodness, what a memory you have, Uncle Mort!

Gotta love Tony Hancock.

Mohammed needs these nutters for the afterlife. Where else are the virgins coming from?

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