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Tuesday, 25 February 2020


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The Hollywood "casting couch" is and always has been a real thing. Tinsel Town has a rotten underbelly.

Hollywood, or Sodom and Gomorrah to the right, has changed. The casting couch isn't being tolerated anymore. San Fransico, NYC and Chicago are all fortifying for LA's share of incoming.

I don't think he is guilty of anything but being fat and ugly. Hollywood has always operated so, but I agree with Bob, the casting couch is probably on its way out.
You don't get raped and then keep in touch with your rapist. You just don't. You are angry, ashamed, and ready to castrate. Healing after a rape takes time but in no way do you ever want to see the scumbag again.
Rose McGowan started something and all these other women decided to cash in on it. I am sure they will be paid handsomely. These women are actresses so they know how to play the part. And Gloria Allred.
I will say no more.

I wonder if he ever involved his (alleged) good friends the Clintons in his little escapades. If so, I see another suicide on the horizon.

The difference between him and us is that we buy them a few drinks and then get some rumpy pumpy. He gets them millions of dollars for being in a film. He is close to being a pimp, what does that make them?

Allegedly some of the complaints come from actresses that passed the audition but still didn't get the part.
In other words he was a cheapskate.

I recall that a couple of fraudsters set up fake interviews with potential actresses for Gone With the Wind and basically they just shagged them.

Hehehe! Oh that's classic Glezza, laughed out loud in the office and peeps asked me why but HR are too close by to tell the truth!



Loz, must tell you that me and the Mrs are in York for our Anniversary and the Ooze River is very high and flooding basements. Shaggin is a memory however Pinot is easy.

Aha, one of those raiding parties over the border and "doon Sooth" you're so famous for!



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