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Wednesday, 05 February 2020


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I think that the government are currently softening up the media in general; warning them that hostility will be repaid by non-cooperation.

I would be more radical. Provide a live video link in all press briefings. Why do we need accounts of government activity to be mediated by a pack of biased liars? Let people make up their own minds, and let politicians beware because it all stays on the record for ever. The hacks can ask the difficult questions, of course, and the public can also see who is biased in their reporting

Too much of the 'free press' have thrown in with those in power and against the average citizen. The media needs watching every bit as much as those elected and unelected.

Trump would have lasted as long as a fart in a hammock, were it not for his ability to make his case directly to the unwashed masses.

Timbo how right you are. The problem with our press and media is they think they run the country and should make the agenda. Old style newsreaders have been replaced by self styled media personality actors. The media here in the UK set about attacking brexit because of their own personal views and not in the interest of balanced news. Trump was switched on to the media. He knew he would be assaulted big style and dealt with it.

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