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Tuesday, 25 February 2020


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'Sir Humphrey' needs to know his place!

I have been saying this for years: Blair totally politicised the Police, the Civil Service, and the Educational establishment so we have unelected and unanswerable left-wing apparatchiks running and controlling huge swathes of the UK. It needs to be seriously addressed.

I can well imagine what was said in the attempt to get rid of Priti Patel.

"Guys,how are we going to do this? She's a woman, so we can't make accusations of sexism stick. She isn't white, so racism won't work either. Hang on a mo. She seems quite a forthright character so a charge of bullying should do the trick. Oh, and for good measure, let's let it be known that she's a security risk.


Of course, frequently they [civil servants] will be right (although there is precious little evidence of it!) and the politicians wrong but -hey! - that's life

How about: They're both wrong, always.

For too long, far too long, they have stymied the 'will of the people'

There was a time when you used that phrase with "Dread words!" tacked on the end, as a warning of what it portends.

Now you sling it around like all the other little Hitler's and Apparatchiks who are in such abundance these days.

And whatever happened to that Thatcherite who shoved Adam Smith, John Stuart Mill, Milton Friedman, and Friedrich Hayek under my nose all those years ago?


And Karl Popper, oh no, how could I miss him off the list?! The man who killed logical positivism. Jeez, you'd never have thought it today, would you, eh?!

No more heroes. Oh yes, I think I've linked it before but what the hell ...

1977, by George and all the Saints, so long ago. Feels like yesterday. We only had 2 years to wait back then.


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