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Tuesday, 10 March 2020


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I thought maybe the Wuhan Flu had wiped out Sommerset.

The good news about the corona epidemic is that we don't hear so much about the global warming catastrophe. If we are all going to die, the planet is hardly worth saving, is it?

My 17-year old grand-daughter told me I shouldn't call COVID19 Chinese BatFlu. I did think of pointing out that it was Chinese, is a variant of flu carried by both humans and animals. Including bats. And that the Chinese ate lots of odd things to combat erectile dysfunction.

BoE, if that diet can do that then many men can leave this world "standing too". Flu or no.

Is that why they are eating all that disgusting krep? The Romans ate sparrow brains to that end. Don't see many of them around any more, either. The folks who live in Romae are, by definition, Romans, but are not kin to the real ones, all of whom died, probably of mad sparrow disease.

Don't know y'all furriners was ever "blessed" with one of our teevee shows but if you were well, sorry about that:

Anyway what's this JK another of your excursions off topic? you say.


Kung Flu.

Seems like a reasonable explanation for the accusations against Phillips:

Uhm David?

This one is off-topic however soon as I noticed it figured you'd get a kick out of it too - #3:

Bunch of comments following the gifs too you might enjoy.

Trevor Phillips is a sensible bloke so it is no wonder that Labour still under the influence of the Corbyn regime have suspended him. This should be a big story.


Glad you back and in good form.

The ballad of Harry Pollitt -- Jeremy Corbyn -- Bernie Sanders

You Talkin Tongue Flu to me AK!

On Watch~~~
"Let's Roll"

Harry Pollitt, Hank? Dammit, that's real history!

Bill, thanks for the film in which art symbalises reality!

At huge social, political and economic cost, the eurozone survived its first existential crisis. With a viral pandemic now sweeping Europe, can it survive a second? My answer may disappoint some Eurosceptic readers, but probably yes.

Covid 19 may bump us all off, but there's one thing it will never destroy.

The Euro will still be doing the do when you're long done pushing up the daisies.

As for "At huge social, political and economic cost ..." it's no more or less than the market would have done if Greece, Italy, and the rest of the PIIGS (remember them? Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece, Spain, don't hear so much about that acronym these days, do we?) had taken back their national currencies. The market devaluations of their national currencies would have floored them just as hard as the austerity / internal devaluation.

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard eat your cry-wolf heart out.


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