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Thursday, 12 March 2020


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" the 'dosh' is to be paid back!"
What is this "paid back" you speak of?

Whisper it, but is this Government socialist? ...

Well, I said it June 23rd 2016. This was the inevitable consequence of "take back control".

You always say "we always manage to muddle through". No we don't. We didn't manage to "muddle through" after 1945-75, we went bust, and had to join the EU for perpetual external oversight and independent governance. The "muddle through", if it was anything, was the act of joining and staying in the EU for 45 years, you can call that "muddling through" alright. So by definition we are no longer "muddling through".


Same, same down here. Our wonderful "gummint" is throwing money around like it wasn't theirs - which it isn't of course.

Stimulating the economy is the catch cry and to prove it all us wrinklies are supposed to get a cool $750 each to help it. I am supposed to feel warm and fuzzy but when I shot off an e-mail to my local pollie to remind him it was my money in the first place all I received was a "Thank you for your comment". Unwritten was the suggestion that I "f--- off and stop bothering his importanceness".

We could do with a "Donald" down here.

So that's the socialism, how's the national bit going in Blighty's new Reich?

Quite well according to Fraser Nelson in the DT ...

What is for sure is that the old assumptions about globalisation have gone, never to return.

Ve haff vays of making you not valk, old bean!

Capt Mainwaring would be proud, I reckon he was a secret admirer.


Seems like DomBo is listening to Blighty's "experts" - the Gaffer's NBF's - on coronavirus.

Let's see how that one goes.

Wiping out 10,000 elderly and vulnerable people per annum through starvation and dehydration on the NHS appears to be only the starter in Blighty's new Gulag, a sort of "Arbeit Macht Frei" entrance gate into the new dark age.

I think I might have been hallucinating but I just heard on BBC radio 4 that BoJo's favourite character and hero of the original Jaws film was the mayor of Amityville or whatever the town was called. You remember, the one who kept the beaches open in spite of the shark gobbling up the tourists?

Why do I get the feeling this one is going to push the limits of the meaning of the words surreal, farce, cretin and desolation?


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