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Wednesday, 11 March 2020


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I think that China is going to experience a big upset in its trade with the West. The discovery that much of the medical supplies we use are imported from China and India will lead to counter action. Led by that man every loves - Donald J Trump

That woman - Margaret Thatcher

That man - Donald Trump

Wear it with pride.

David, I doubt we will be giving much away that the Chinks, Russkies etc already know. We just keep the nuclear deterrent updated and we are reasonably safe.

How about voting against this "act of lunacy"? ...

The national debt is already roughly double where it should be for peacetime, and one thing is for sure, financing conditions are not going to remain as favourable as they are now for ever.

That debt, moreover, is more dependent than ever on overseas lenders, the stock of index-linked securities has never been higher and Bank of England asset purchases have greatly shortened effective average maturities, meaning it needs refinancing more often. The public finances have rarely looked more vulnerable to adverse inflationary and interest rate shocks.

A very high risk borrowing strategy.

The Don did the same and left it to the people who know how to spend and invest to do the business, namely the tax payers. Best investment a pol could make: don't do it yourself, hand it back to the peeps.

So what low risk, high return, super-investment did this, Blighty's biggest debt fuelled splurge since Norman Lamont, even out-doing Gordon Brown, afford us exactly?

520,000 new fake jobs in the state.

I just vomited in my mouth a little.


Loz, do not worry, Britain plods on in the same old way as we beat the Frogs at Waterloo. We did have help from Blucher!

In a rare show of intelligence and guts our pollies gave Huawei the big thumbs down when they wanted to get into running our 5G down here.

Our intelligence service even warned those in sensitive areas of internal dealings in Oz not to go near the thought of using one of the Huawei phones.

Allowing them access to the Brit system will not make you all that popular within the 5 Eyes community.

Aye AussieD aye

I wonder if BoJo is creating a fake concession out of Huawei for a "quid pro quo" trade deal with the Don?

You know, like when the Mrs bounds into the bedroom all flouncy-bouncy ready to nookie you up, saying "Look, I've saved us £500 in the sales!" when you know the £500 was added on in advance just so it could be knocked off in the sales?

No, even that cheap trick is beyond the wit DomBo.


Just heard a blue socialist pol on the BBC telling us that even though Blighty's state is useless at infrastructure and large capital projects (and offered absolutely no advice on how they should be better run - why would he? He's never run so much as a whelk-stall in his life) we should still go ahead and spend the £600bn that DomBo has set out for it over the coming years.

£600bn? Wasn't that Jeremy Corbyn's total spend?

This is a nightmare.


I wonder if SoD is on the wrong blog? A wife that not only spends over £500 in the sales and is still up for nookie! Or maybe I'm on the wrong blog?

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