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Friday, 06 March 2020


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David, he is doing what he is supposed to do and the medical/research/pharma people are ahead of the pols and the media on this. All of them have only one agenda-public safety and a vaccine or other treatment. The hysteria comes from the media/Dem opposition because they have another agenda which is to defeat Trump by any means necessary, even if public health and accurate information be damned. More power to pols will serve nothing.

it is absolutely crucial that you seek and follow advice from the best 'brainiacs' in the bacterial world

Funny, the Gaffer normally covers pages of digital ink telling us how we shouldn't trust "experts"! Or at least he did before he came over with a severe dose of Wrinklyitis and Captain Mainwaring Syndrome - a fatal combination!

The Don is doing exactly the right and smart thing: laying low and keeping as quiet as possible. And if ever there was a breed of swamp dwellers willing and able to out-do the climate alarmists in gaining a load of funding and power by telling us all a bunch of hocus-pocus and porkies it's the medical and health professions. Just coz they've got letters after their names doesn't mean they don't lie a lot - ask Michael Mann!

In fact "experts" are more deadly than the diseases themselves. Coronavirus has killed about 3,500 people in 2 months. Michael and Greta's mob took 100,000 lives in Africa alone through lung disease in the same time period by forcing Africans to use barbecues in their homes instead of electric ovens powered by fossil fuel power stations.

And the "social scientists" predicted Marx's class struggle would lead to the working class dominating the world, the middle class being phased out, and prosperity and freedom for all. Instead the working class became middle class and the middle class dominates the world, and instead of prosperity and freedom for all, all Marxism managed was 120 million murders! Epic fail!

And when it comes to the Don doing the right and smart thing his track record is starting to get seriously impressive. Look at this pair of Charlies he's just outfoxed for starters - dumb and dumber! ...

Getting Vlad and Dirty Erdy to blow the crap out of each other - and Assad and the Islamists into the bargain! - while Old Hickory holds all four of their jackets and siphons out the oil to pay for Rojava's military thereby sparing Uncle Sam the cost of blood and treasure!

That's gotta be the "Machiavelli deal" of the century.

Like luring the Dems onto a battlefield of the Don's choosing and massacring them - not once in Russia, but twice in Ukraine!

What a diamond geezer. I am just Lovin' the Don!


I find myself agreeing with SoD!

President Trump is ahead of the curve, much to the chagrin of his political opponents (media and Democrats) even though the measures he took in January were criticized for being an over reaction.

Whitewall is onto something there - at least insofar as I've seen it from this side o' the pond.

As I recall "our meeja" didn't get into the act until just after Comrade Bernie won New Hampshire which, as I recall was February 11th and yet:

SoD's onto something also - his point about 'cooking in Africa' especially pertinent - so a dose of reality is likewise timely:

However with all that said there is actually, a bit of the fuss that is a real looming disaster but its really not so much directly to do with coming down with a cough it's to do with global shipping/delivery of goods - Scroll to paragraph (by my count) seventeen:

It's the paragraph which opens with "Economies around the world are going to be hit hard."

You're welcome.

Oops Timbo in my excitement over SoD's content I overlooked your contribution, especially your noting "the measures of January."

I think I have been misinterpreted. I made no criticism of the President's approach - so far! - but he has a reputation for either opening his mouth without engaging his brain or failing to appear serious when seriousness is seriously required!

If this virus reaches epic proportions there will be a 'yuuuuuuuuge' outpouring of 'fear 'n' loathing' so it is essential that political leaders are seen to be acting intelligently and vigorously.

" ... it is essential that political leaders are seen to be acting intelligently and vigorously."

Actually David here's where or 'disagreement' becomes clearer.

This time, specifically where 'the politics' is concerned, the President really should keep his yap shut. On the 'health stuff' anyway. Given where his strong suit is concerned, hammering away on what we've done to our supply lines ought to be the only thing he should weigh in on.

(Whether however he's capable of such limiting ...) but that's where he can do real actual 'politics' where his presumptive November opponent is concerned - if his opponent's blatantly obvious dementia hasn't already hasn't already done him in.

Well, I have a goodly supply of diddy paper so I don't care.

Well yes of course Andra, remembering your stocking for cyclones and stuff ...

I know shaking hands with you up there in Cairns is allus "safe enough."

Andra, if panic rises over here I may ask you to send me some of your "diddy paper"! Well, one cannot imagine using the exalted pages of 'Her Majesty's Daily Telegraph'!

3 of us sheilas are having a birthday party today - I think our combined ages are somewhere around 250 years.
There will be wine, food, jazz and diddy paper for all.
All welcome!!

Andra, I sense two of your friends are extremely on in years?

Yes Whitewall. I am the baby of the group.

Look at this Marxist tit blathering on about the welfare state ...

The first observation is just how biased the BBC is. No counter article will appear. Anti-American pro EU, anti-Israel pro Palestine, anti-market pro public sector, anti-climate alarmism scepticism pro climate alarmism. No balance whatsoever. The DNA of socialist authoritarianism runs through the entire organisation shaping its every form and move.

Sopel's criticism that the US doesn't have the resources to respond to CV because it doesn't have a welfare state is so ludicrously flawed it hardly warrants a response, but to be clear: The US has enormous surplus value it can dip into to resolve global issues and threats precisely because it doesn't have the burden of a broken by design and failed in practice welfare state.

Look at the US's response to the threat of race and class socialism as enacted by WWII and the Cold War: from next to nothing, out nowhere, a military came that defeated both: defeated the two most powerful authoritarian socialist beasts the world has ever seen. The surplus was dipped into and the two problems QED.

When or if the time comes the Don can wield that magic wand of surplus value in precise, concise executive action. Meanwhile the NHS and the blitheringly incompetent and negligent welfare states of Europe flail around handing out phone numbers that tell you to go to A&E and A&E that tells you to call the phone number, while consuming all the surplus value that might have funded to a wellguided executive response.

Once again the naysayers and Don-haters round sheeplike on what they see as a Don weakness. They seem not to have learned that he is adept at (1) keeping his powder drier than the Gaffer's dry Martinis (2) setting murderous ambushes for his enemies (3) protecting the American people.

Let's see who fares best: flexible US surplus value, or the sclerotic NHS and euro-welfate states.


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